Selling: A corporate passion for rework


Mr. Ranjan  Upadhyaya
Faculty of Management Science
Banasthali Vidyapith
Banasthali, Newai, Rajasthan


Today in the world everyone survive just because of selling something. Some try to sell his or her ideas and some sell the services or products etc. Selling in correlated manner can the easy ways of understanding the desire of once requirement and fulfilling by outside supply of the rework. Selling is making the corporate to rejuvenate strategy of the corporate culture or the hijacking of the individual fantasy of glut and gaiety of gladder restiprocation manurebility.

The selling is the of the concept of the once body language. It is rest of imprecation of the product proliferation. Selling is the simple art of editing hard work of cine Cecil exeter skidoo of the message applied and replied form the corporate to customers.

Resilience of the selling lies beneath the customer soul and unearthed with different proliferation of the inner qualities of the sellers to the purchaser. Decomposition of the selling can not be visualized only form the cursive coercive onus onerous congregate reckoning the benefit of tantalizing issues of the third world concept.

Life has merged, passion has driven new cult for survival for more unrealistic solidifying miracle on this earth of beauty scion science of wounds and survival has made most terrible affairs to overcome the dangling issues of calmness.

India a country of manpower treasure has to sell something like intellectual property or the inner skill of the individual. Here the corporate are passionate to clinch the individual merger of the qualities with hunt of upgradation of innovation and creation matching with the ethos of the corporate philosophy.

The big icons of Indian industries had tried to steal this and survive with long term goal and trying best to unearth more talent and pinnacles of the magnificent imagination of the transformation of these youth inception form the entry of their survival with few back up. The moth of the eminent beneficiaries are the long term goal setters and sellers of the global visionaries corporate who has nostalgia of incorporation of their passion of selling philosophy. The customer's requirements are the best judged process in selling concept and mutual agreements are done to reduce the efficacy of selling.

The citation of the selling can be a drop as drop of water in ocean but it is like a whole ocean which has to visualized for taking the phenomena of the tackling issues form the manufacture and purchaser side. The upsurge is the minting ground of profit which inculcate the passion for rework form the corporate to intermingle with the destination of the end product manufactured form the production site.

Success Rate:

If corporate can adopt the success of selling of the best book by Robin S. Sharma " The monk who sold his Ferrari". The success rate has inspired many magicians in publication segment to adore the growing rate of twisting born concept of selling originated form the miracle writer of Indian native.

The imagination of the launching of different models of Honda group in India and aftermath has given new boom in bike sector which reciprocate the chines to enter that too in automobile sector can be again a big break through.

The Tata Ace is again half-driven success story for the existing competitors in the three wheeler automobiles to rejuvenate the new concept with the same c.c. and more mileage and more fuel efficiency and more balance with the same budget is the inner corporate excellence coming out with the tycoons of the diversified field in this segments. Tata is planning to conquer world why cannot they rethink the process of Passion for corporate selling.

Example are many and ideas are stereotype if we try to copy the cocaine of these exemplary setters of the rework lunched and withhold successful in the odd hour of their survival is the twisting grounds for new forgotten story of the past for their glory.

The teeth of selling is the lamination of the corporate to passionate the young blood and reciprocate the experienced staff and align the sign of the mixed feeling of the most desirous activities which has been sidelined in many occasion.

Selling is the continuos process and required multifarious activities enriched and enhance to keep the tag of profit going up always. The tilting of the selling scale down other activities which if can not sideline shower the pouring of the harsh symbiotic repulsion, which can endanger the corporate in the long run. Good Selling is always enhanced in order to rejuvenate the passion and compulsion for the compensation for ideal and suitable with the type of selling of the products and customer driven concepts.

Selling in the best layman language is the concept of enriching theories of the salesman and passion for the new generation of the concept of expression exposed in order to clinch the purchaser mood and solidify the ignition of the idea generation of the product or the service. Selling in this global world of stiff competition where both the customer and manufacture do not want to live a drop in the furious market can be new cult for survival form the corporate can be more than from the customers side.

No corporate passion is being encashed in order to set some of the of market trend settler. The things of past wore the cult of Diaspora of urgency which can be materialized to define the new sales territories. The sales target gives the corporate to understand the popularity of their products and total revenue expected and can allow the corporate to clinch new deals from the market.

Corporate consultation:

The consultation of the judgement lies with the beauty of the corporate to understand that corporate are not only the major players in urban or rural market. It is their gimmick, which entails the truth of the success of the corporate passion for the sells. The stigma of the corporate passion for sell lies with the woes of competitor strategies too.

The price line and absorption of the new product development signify the success story of the corporate passion for selling. The endanger species in selling here is the distribution channels. The margin of profit has to share and continuously upgraded in order to allow them to maximize the continuity of the corporate profit in the long run.

The lures in logistics are the new gimmicks, which are seeing the new window of the adjustment from the packers and movers or the outsource agencies involved to multifarious activities of the corporate selling passion. The domestics market are sabotage to monopoly of captured by the single sellers corporate but in the ongoing sells war does not allow the single players to play their trump cards for long with the single products as the customers are the king and their psychology is not understandable for long by the corporate.

Passion for Selling at Glance:

Passion for selling by the corporate can be incorporated in the following ways:

* In new product development
* Lunching of the existing product
* Exploring the new market
* Lunching of the full product line
* Enhancing the new avenues from the market
* Managing the competitors
* Motivating the distribution channels
* Nutshell breaking concept to be top in the market always
* Be brand ambassadors in the customers' minds.

Break Ups:

The corporate passion for selling and rework can be break ups as we had already seen in case Hidnustan Liver limited or when we talk about in Indian context we do find the fine examples of the break ups of corporate passion for selling.

i) Tata Sons
ii) Ambani groups
iii) Sahara groups etc.

Generally the breaks up of the corporate passion for selling are rational with many unpredictable thought probing action evaluated with the market observations. The through away price in selling can again be the new phenomena's which many corporate tries to forward it the next successor in order to avoid the heavy losses. The mindful dialogue breaks with the union can be new blow in the break ups of the corporate passion for selling.


The things in the past can not be precluded as the success story for the corporate passion for the selling. The new divine force has to be adopted in order to avalanche the market sabotism for long run that too with new innovation, which is lacking form the Indian context. In Indian market the new gimmicks are coming only form the existing one, no new innovations in the products or services sectors are coming up. Whatever innovation has occurred form the last fifteen years has given a tremendous boom in the Indian market but that boom can not be checked with the last fifty years of the existence. The molding task for corporate here is the tilt for passion and rework in order to keep the profit tag going always up.

Mr. Ranjan  Upadhyaya
Faculty of Management Science
Banasthali Vidyapith
Banasthali, Newai, Rajasthan

Source: E-mail October 7, 2006


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