Winning with Technology


Prof. Sunita M. Bhole
MITCON Institute of Management
Balewadi, N.I.A. Post Office, Pune-411 045

The world has witnessed huge changes in the technology in just few years and we are expecting great changes in the years to come. The magical word 'Technology' is the set of value neutral tools each of which can be used for better or worse. Technology around us is in the form of various types - the internet, laser, multi-featured mobiles, e-markets-e-selling and buying, virtual malls, broad-bands etc. Technology has increased the connectivity and comforts with some hazards. This is going to drive the next generation of economy through better connectivity and advancement in itself. It is very interesting to know how human purposes, aspirations and relationships work themselves out in technological contexts over time.

Technology has to satisfy the three requirements of: usability, utility and safety. Technological development was concerned for humans only, but research has proved the extension to some of the logical non human technologies also what we find in birds when they fly in sequence or unidirectional in groups.

History and Development of Technology:-

The journey of technology from simple tool to complex i.e. hi-tech tools can be traced back to the origin of humanity. The earlier technology was limited to the extent of conversion of natural resources into some useful tools for the mankind. The indicative steps in the advancement was the utility of fire for multiple purposes, the research on metals and wooden for daily purposes, the weapons for the safety of mankind, the mud, sand and stones for shelter to life are some of the anecdotes in the development of technology.

As the knowledge and need had increased, the tools became more complex. Later on the tools became so complex that there was an introduction of specialized branches like engineering, medicine and construction to support them. Today, is the era of specialization. Every branch of industry is specialized to create new opportunities. Technology is taking different forms to make the life of humans very comfortable. Every minute the innovations and techniques in IT are changing, knowledge management has become the 'Mantra' for organizations, the customers are global and growth is unlimited due to technology.

Technology for Flexibility:

Today's markets are customer oriented. The company's are manufacturing tailor made products to acquire more number of customers. Technology is making it easy to be open for business. With the globalization of business, the customers' expectations are constantly increasing, the competitors have gone more watch dogs, the pouring of MNC's are creating tremendous pressure on the organizations. This is the only time when businesses would like to establish themselves as the power house of economy.

The flexibility of businesses with tech-heads will be the key in driving the business. The updated information to serve customers, the business via internet, the flexibility in the product design, the 'Minimum Time' concept to serve customers should be the key words to offer the best to your customers.  The companies become flexible to the extent to deal with the customers whenever and wherever the customers want them to be at an economy. The organizations today have improved upon the way services have been offered. The grievance handling has been made very simple and less time consuming to provide the results. Undoubtedly the quality and cost effectiveness today is the perfect solutions for customers.

The technology has made the 24/7 concept for serving the customers. Many time in humanless offices, the machines are responding, the supporting hi-tech call centres, ATM's in addition to the traditional sales officer and agents etc are adding value to customers.

Social impact of technology:

Undoubtedly, technology has changed the face of business. Every corner of the industry is set to accept the technology for efficiency and effectiveness. Motivation is provided to introduce and implement new technology first to strengthen the business. Technology has been affecting the social, cultural, geographical, economical values of people.

The technological revolution certainly is changing the face of society. The flourishing job market, extended comforts, the changing family structures, more no of employed women in the industries, rising standard of living, relocation to more industry clustered areas, cultural diversity, better connectivity, hi-tech instruments in the areas of medicine and pharma making the low life risks, the insurance sector reconfirming the safety, the biotechnology introducing clones, different and better variety of food items etc.

The other side of the coin focuses on the negative impact of technology which is inevitable : the centralization of power and money in the sense that rich could afford costly technology becoming more rich, and a huge segment of arising labour class, the industrial tussle creating more pressure on a common man to achieve the targets and sustain more stress, machines have allowed people to move away from physical work, the alarming increase in the health and psychological problems, increasing rate of divorces, etc. And also the new diseases, epidemic, severe air and water pollution are some of the major environmental threats of the technology.

Thus the technology has brought us many boons, but at the same time it has brought some banes also which are unavoidable in today's circumstances. The technology has occupied the life of humans to a greater extent not leaving us a room to get out of the vicious circle. Undoubtedly the negative impact is unavoidable to use it for effective purpose. Thus the major focus should be on the better side of the technology reducing the worsen impact of the same.

Prof. Sunita M. Bhole
MITCON Institute of Management
Balewadi, N.I.A. Post Office, Pune-411 045

Source: E-mail November 28, 2006


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