Ecommerce for Organization & Consumer


Bharti Keswani
Ex Lecturer
BMM College

Ecommerce is Electronic Commerce .In its goods & services are exchanged through electronic media. Generally transaction take place through Internet.

Ecommerce for organization:


Marketing through Ecommerce is possible either through  Online catalogue or Advertisement. Online catalogues are interactive  and fascinate the user  of each category .This  eliminate the cost of printing and postage for catalogue .It consist of  images of the product  along with their price. Now a days mobile phone catalogue are common which show 3D images   along with their ring tones.

Advertisement in Ecommerce is possible  by using Banners, referrals and link exchange programs  etc

Supply Chain  Management:

It is a management  of getting raw material  from manufacturer & sending finished  product to the consumer .Through ecommerce,  number of middleman get reduced.

Ordering cost also reduced because whenever  order is placed by the company, it get immediate response. Due to this company   does not need to maintain large inventory which reduce the carrying cost. EDI is used for purchase order, shipping bill  and other invoices.

Desktop Video Conferencing:

Desktop video conferencing  provide the facility of virtual meeting. Through this each member can attend the meeting by using his desktop computer . So geographical distance does not matter.

Ecommerce   for  consumer:

Home Shopping:

Ecommerce shopping facilitate home shopping consumer get product just sitting at home. It  can get product any time(i.e. 24 x 7) and any where. (Political Boundaries doesn't matter). is one of the good example of home shopping.

Remote Banking:

It include fund transfer, payment of bill, checking account statement. These facilities are also available 24 x 7.Now Income Tax return can be paid through Ecommerce.

By opening DMAT account one can trade shares. Currency trading is also possible through Ecommerce.


Through Ecommerce a person can get study material, online lectures and can get answers of their question. Online tutorial is getting common day by day. Now a day trends of online exams are also arising. Railway Exams & Banking  are  example.

Conclusion :

Ecommerce thus play a very Important role now a days. But still it need to prevent from Hackers who obtain the information illegally, Viruses which destruct files. There must be some provision for returning of goods and Denying of goods that were ordered.

Bharti Keswani
Ex Lecturer
BMM College

Source: E-mail January 5, 2007


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