"Giving Birth to a Baby" - A New Corporate Brand Make Over


Sumanta Dutta
Faculty Member
ICFAI National College
Garia, Kolkata

If the problems evoke a question—'who are we'? In its simplest way it can be said 'it is like giving birth to a baby' (Anurag Batra Pitch'06).

It is the wave of 'corporate rebranding' identity, that touch the Indian corporate to go for global identity makeover. India witnessed in major rebranding of corporate identity such as Pantaloons, Hutch, Bajaj auto, Dabur, Bank of Baroda, and IDBI Bank among others.


Wikipedia defines rebranding as 'the process by which a product or service developed with one brand or company or product line affiliation is marked or distributed with a different identity'

Rebranding are now creating and reshaping the future of corporate identity. On the
Other hand corporate identity in turn is considered to be the starting point for creating a relationship with customers.

New corporate identity is aimed at to give rebirth to the old brand. Brand identity Guru Vahid Mehrinfar has optly said that 'creating a brand identity, including logo and brand name, entails a process where one projects the inherent qualification pf the brand'

Hence the process range from change of the brand logo to the positioning based on brand name to portray the inherent qualities. Logos reflects the qualities, aspirations of the brand, the culture and the personality of the organization.

Brand identity is what to stay in the mind of the consumers. Hence corporate internal and external link with consumer through brand identity mechanism go a long way by ensuring consistency of the brand promise.

Hence brand identity is not just logo design; it is paradigm shift of the corporate to portray the culture of the brand. A corporate identity is complete set of association along with brand identify the brand based on familiarity and recall.

Such corporate visual identity has several reasons why a corporate takes the brand makeover strategy: -

1) Visibility and Recognisability- It provides an organization with visibility and recognisability (Balmen and Gray, 2000,Dowling 1993,DU Gray2000) people should recognize name and the core business philosophy through its brand identity like DHL

2) Diversification into new area
Diversification into new area of operation may require new corporate brand image makeover.

3) Merger Acquisition- A successful rebranding strategy portrayed the post merger brand activity in the similar line of business. For example Maruti Suzuki.

4) Demerger
- Demerger embarks upon the firm to opt for new brand identity to position differently from its existing association. For example Reliance Communication.

5) Transformation-
Sometime to face the new market challenges makeover of brand is considered to expand its operation either in the new segment or regenerating new values in the market. For example Hutch, Pantaloons, Indian airlines etc.

6) Others-

Taking the brand into a new area like retail or internet marketing
b) Planning an IPO
c) Rejuvenating the existing brand
d) Launching into a new market
e) Developing a new variant of the existing product.


It changed its logo from "knowledge group" to "Future group" featuring the upcoming retail revolution.


The rejuvenation from its traditional logo, the new banyan tree identity combine with form and colour featuring freshness and stability. It expresses a brand that is positive, proactive and progressive.


The new look of Bajaj brand identity and logo depicting a flying "B" in pitch blue is a great makeover to show style with technology.

Bank of Baroda

It replace its blue and yellow identity with a vibrant orange call "Baroda Sun" with cricketer Rahul Dravid as brand endorser to project itself as a modern and tech savvy bank.

Indian Airlines

The wheel of the sun temple at konarak inspires the new graphic depiction of a partly visible blue wheel. It stands for timeless motion, trust and courage to face competition.

The today's brand marketers are facing cutthroat competition in the domestic market. Rising competition   in the domestic form, force the company to go for a corporate brand makeover. But a mere change in logo will not serve the purpose; it requires a overall corporate identity makeover to represent a fundamental shift in the way the companies will operate.

Sumanta Dutta
Faculty Member
ICFAI National College
Garia, Kolkata

Source: E-mail March 21, 2007


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