Call Centres - Challenges


Dr. Parimalendu Bandyopadhyay
B.B. College

Call Centre is a part of BPO. It refers, if some other company makes calls to the company's customers or receives their opinion and satisfaction report through calls, it is known as call centre business. Though it is a part of BPO but it is treated independently due to his high visibility. Now call centre business is booming in India. But it faces so many problems/challenges, generally in front of HR managers and employees, because of the tight schedule of work throughout the day/month/year. Firstly, we are focusing the problems of employees in call centre.

  • Always keep cool and calm whatever may be the situations arise during the conversation regarding the faulty service or a defect in the product supplied.
  • The job is very much stressful with health hazards, so it creates both the boys and girls-sleepy, overeating, shabby, dry and deviant in behaviour.
  • Employees act as a machine in call centre. They do not have any festival, celebration and refreshment throughout the year.
  • At early in age, they can enjoy the the money and power but how long they can continue to work throughout the life.
  • Drug addiction is a common problem among youth working in call centre.
  • Huge work load and available money may create the lost of desire to study more, quality better and expect higher things among the employees.

Now the challenges before the HR manager are stated below:

  • Attrition rate is very high, say near about 50%. The reasons for high attrition rate are –rootlessness, sense of alienation, confused career plans and uncertainty about the future.
  • Logistics also become a problem for HR manager. Employees need transport facility for picked up and dropped at their respective residence, generally at night. Both boys and girls being robbed and harassed are occurring in different places in India.
  • Employee turnover also a problem for HR manager. It increases the training cost of the organization.
  • HR manager have to face the drug addiction problems, stress and burntout and feel like robots attitude among the employees.
  • After losing of joy and pleasure of employees may reduce the productivity of employees create a big threat to the HR manager.

Dr. Parimalendu Bandyopadhyay
B.B. College

Source: E-mail April 4, 2007


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