Management by Self-Development


Indranil Bose
Senior Faculty Member
Magnus School of Business

Self development is a continuous process. It continues throughout one's life. For those seeking to develop themselves, the progress of the process ,itself, is thrilling. Developmement ,like virtue, is its own reward.

Right from the time an individual enters an organization, to the time he retires, he has to continually update his knowledge and skills to maintain his effectiveness. All development starts with self-development, and hence ,self development remains the essence of human resource development (HRD)of every organization.

Dr. Jagadish Parikh in his book "Managing yourself"dwells on all facts of management- such as the management of one's  body ,mind, emotions ,neuro-sensory system and consciousness. Real development ,however, takes place when the individual sees for himself , the need to modify his behavior, change his attitude , develop new skills , improve his performance , or prepare himself for some different role.

The organization on its part can provide assistance to an individual in his self-development initiative through :

* Sponsorship of seminars, conferences, workshops, training programmes etc.

* Allotting a mentor at the place of work.

* Reimbursement of the course/examination fee for external educational pursuits.

* Provision of distribution of information in the forms of monographs, newsletters, reports, study materials , video/audio devices etc.

* Creation of an ambiance and organized culture favourable to self-development .

However, the responsibility to encourage self-development at the organization  level starts with creation of an awakenings as to what self-development is all about. The organization has also the option to involve the family members and informal social groups of individual employees in the self-development process. Because self-development leads to  the human resource development at the individual level. Individual development inevitably facilitates group development  and finally , the organizational development will follow.


* Pai Jagannath:'The Art of Knowing Thyself", Indian Management , October,1997

* Nair K Mohandas : "In search of excellence", The Times of India, June, 1996, New Delhi.

Indranil Bose
Senior Faculty Member
Magnus School of Business

Source: E-mail July 21, 2007


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