Be a Responsible Customer - It really pays off...


S. Selvabaskar
BE, MBA, M.Phil (Retailing), (PhD)
D.J. Academy for Managerial Excellence
Othakkalmandapam, Coimbatore-641032


The modern marketing has been doing so much of customer-centric activities due to the growing importance for customers. Employees are repeatedly being told and trained to be customer-friendly: The processes and procedures are being customized: Continuous feedback is sought from customers: The entire Corporate India is thriving hard to achieve maximum customer satisfaction: What not, in fact if one has to be successful in the current market, the business system should be designed in such a way that "it is for the customers and by the customers".

On one side the corporate India is working out strategies to live up to the expectations of the customers. On the other side, are customers recognizing this and reciprocating in a positive way? The answer is NO...It is a reality that the average Indian customer is becoming less loyal, more price conscious, less expressive, and more arrogant. Most of their purchase related behaviors are unreliable. Some may ask, why should I be a responsible customer? Is it a necessity? The fact is that it can do a world of good things to the Indian Customers.


The customers can demonstrate their responsibility in the following ways:

1. Identifying and favoring only genuine market offers.

2.  Understanding the importance of customer feedback and sending only the genuine grievances and complaints to the marketers.

3. Adhering to enthusiastic media habits such as voluntary exposure to advertisements, appreciating good advertisements etc.

4. Trying to be brand loyal.

5. Attempting trials and recognizing good ones.

6. Exhibiting maximum involvement as respondents in various marketing research / survey processes initiated by the marketers.

7. Proper response to the service/ courtesy calls from the marketers.

8. Avoiding unrealistic claims / bargains.

9. Following proper directions / precautions recommended by the marketers before product usage.

10. Being ethical throughout the consumption process.

These are only indicative: In fact there may be so many other ways of being responsible.


When the customers exercise their responsibilities in the market place they could anticipate one / more of the following benefits:

* The importance to the customers will grow further and marketers would be encouraged to be more committed to their customers.

* There is possibility of customers being rewarded for their responsibility, both monetary and non-monetary rewards.

* Increased involvement of customers in the entire marketing process of the company.

* By default, the interests of the customers will be protected.

* To a certain extent, the unethical trade practices would find their way out of the market.

* In general, it would encourage customers to be more responsible and pave way for a new school of marketing practices in the country.


Given these realities, it is time for the marketers to create awareness among customers to be responsible. This could well be communicated through regular interaction with various customer communities. Further, the marketers should join hands together to recognize the efforts of responsible customers visibly so that it encourages the masses to behave the same way.

S. Selvabaskar
BE, MBA, M.Phil (Retailing), (PhD)
D.J. Academy for Managerial Excellence
Othakkalmandapam, Coimbatore-641032

Source: E-mail August 31, 2007


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