HRM Challenges faced by Managers


Mr. R. Sethumadhavan
B.Sc, MBA, M.Phil
Tamilnadu College of Engineering
Coimbatore-641 659


The HR Managers of today may find it difficult because of the rapidly changing business environment and therefore they should update their knowledge and skills by looking at the organization's need and objectives. The HRM challenges are

1. Managing the Vision:

Vision of the organization provides the direction to business strategy and helps managers to evaluate management practices and make decisions. So vision management becomes the integral part of Man management in future.

2. Internal environment:

Creating an environment which is responsive to external changes, providing satisfaction to the employees and sustaining through culture and systems is a challenging task.

3. Changing Industrial Relations:

Both the workers and managers has to be managed by the same HRM Philosophy and this is a daunting task for the managers.

4. Building Organizational capability:

Even in the adverse circumstances the employees have to be made to live in psychological state of readiness to continually change.

5. Job Design & Organizational structure:

Instead of depending on foreign concepts we need to focus on understanding the job, technology and the people involved in carrying out the tasks.

6. Managing the large work force:

Management of large workforce poses the biggest problem as the workers are conscious of their rights.

7. Psycho-Social environment:

Nowadays employees participation required not only in performing job but also in democratizing and humanizing the institution.

8. Employee Satisfaction:

Managers should be aware of techniques to motivate their employees so that their higher level needs can be satisfied.

9. Modern technology:

There will be an unemployment due to modern technology and this could be corrected by assessing manpower needs and finding alternate employment.

10. Computerized Information System:

This is revolutionary in managerial decision making and is having impact on coordination in the organization.

11. Legal environment:

To meet the changes in legal environment, adjustments have to be made to the maximum utilization of human resources.

12. Managing Human Relations:

As the workforce comprises of both educated and uneducated, managing the relations will be of great challenge.


In spite of all the problems HR Managers are able to overcome all these problems with the support of management and employees. In the current business world managing employees are becoming complex task and this can be handled effectively only by our great HR Leaders.

Mr. R. Sethumadhavan
B.Sc, MBA, M.Phil
Tamilnadu College of Engineering
Coimbatore-641 659

Source: E-mail September 03, 2007


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