Article on Organizational Behavior
How do Employees Perceive Working in a Reputed Organisation
- Strength or Stress?


Dr. Vigna Oza
SEMCOM College
Vallabh Vidyanagar


Once upon a time I went to my friend's home. We were talking about so many things. But after all the main gossip or here we can say that the main topic was, in today's life to do the job is a kind of venture. On that topic we had a very serious discussion.

She said that today, to get the job, we have to suffer lot and then we can get the job we can not say that the right job. But for getting the right job, we have to study as per the requirements, we have to be clear about out motto, take good years of experience and then we can get the good and right job or we can say that we able to get a job in a reputed organization.

There has always been a dream of anybody working for a reputed organization while choosing a reputed organization, there are certain imaginations which lead a person to rate an organization as "reputed". With the passing of time and undergoing experiences employees encounter several questions- mix of expected as well as unexpected happenings which sometimes create a puzzle remaining unsolved. Therefore, a question arises whether working for a reputed organization is strength or stress.

But in that case, we can quote some views like, to reach our destination, what we need to know, from where we are starting from. At that way, we can get clues from our daily life and our work life also. We have to discuss the same thing, if we want to work with a very reputed and famous company or an organization that time, we have to decide, that we want to be consider as strength or "stress".

There is obviously every organization; they have their own pros and cons.  Whether it is small level of organization or it would be a huge or big organization. But, when our topic is, "Working in a reputed organization is a strength or stress?" the same thing I would like to share, it is up to our beliefs. What we think about ourselves and organization. We can say some of the points in case of strength of working in a reputed organization;

  • We can improve our decision making power with the help of organization.
  • We can come to know that the actual professional and working environment.
  • We do passionate about to achieve the targets and give winning trophy our self.
  • We feel proud to be associated in such kind of organization.
  • Same time, if we have management skill, we can maintain our working life and social life too.
  • We can get status in our society.
  • We can keep our commitment levels in mind at all times.
  • We can accept responsibilities and think about what we can do to change things and set the motto that would decide by us.
  • Obviously, we can get more advantage of monetary matter also.  Such as, higher salary, incentives, perks executive facilities and so many other gazettes also. We sacrifice our social life and family life so we have to think about monetary aspects.
  • We can make our goal, set our goal and achieve our goal with motivational and professional environment.

There are several issues such as, transparency in policies and procedures, positive work environment, openness to ideas and suggestions, professional approach, growth opportunities, recognition and appreciation which motivate people to join and stay with the organization. At the same time, working for such an organization turns out to be a challenging job since employees are expected to strengthen reputation by hard work and by achieving targets.

Ohh! They counted me number of positive sides in regard to work with reputed firm, company or an organization and they strongly said me, "To work with a reputed organization is strength".

But, we don't have to forget our topic, is that whether it is strength or stress? We have discussed about strength. Now on the same topic, some of the persons told me very rigorously that it is a stress and they noted me the negative sides of that too. Such as;

  • We have to take lot many unnecessary responsibilities.
  • Sometimes, we can loose our decisive power or ability to think about us and go through mental stress.
  • As said that, we can come to know that professional and working environment but at that time, we can become victimized with organizational politics also and we have to suffer a lot in our working and social life.
  • There are lot many targets to achieve in a kind of organization. If we don't meet with the target, we get upset and we would be de-motivated by the management also. But this is depends upon organization.
  • No time for socialization, so any recognition of status in person.
  • We have to sacrifice our family life and we can say that we have family but we can't think about our family because of stress.
  • Obviously, we can accept that big, giant companies and organizations give good salary and other advantages. We do agree with that perception. But, that monetary facilities, we can not share with our family or towards our social life because of lack of time, we can not share our lives with them we have to have spent more time with an organization.
  • We can make our goal, set our goal but due to some politics and other internal conflicts, we can not achieve our goal and we miss that achievement. We have to go through stress.
  • So, from the above discussion, even for few seconds, I was thinking that yes, this is really a stressful to work with giants. But, that was for few seconds.

    Above discussions are based on some sort of research work and we can come to endnotes like that, in every game of life there are advantages and disadvantages. We decide what we want. We may say that;

    "Difficult people make the best teachers". In case of, negative aspects regarding this topic.

    At the end, its important do employees perceive working for a reputed company whether strength or stress. This opens up new areas for the organizations making employees capable converting stress into strength.

    But, lastly, I would quote this sentence;

    "Ask yourself if you would be happy to get what you want easily. You may be creating more drama than you need to be successful".

Dr. Vigna Oza
SEMCOM College
Vallabh Vidyanagar

Source: E-mail September 13, 2007


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