Towards Excellence in Management Education


N. Viswanadham
Asst. Professor
Department of Management Studies
Pydah College of Engg. & Tech.

Trained Managers are playing a vital role in the current economy; their Multi dimension skills are helpful to develop the organization. It is said that 20th Century belonged to the western while 21st Century is set to belong to Asia.   India is the main player.  Education is the crucial investment in development of a Country.  The development of the country depends upon the quality of human resources.

Management education can play a statutory role in the efficient functioning of the markets.  The arrival of the global village and international inter dependence has brought both challenges and opportunities before the Indian Economy.  The biggest challenge before us is how to protect the interest of retail business on which millions of families, depend directly and indirectly.  It is a pleasant experience that India is able to achieve self-sufficiency in food production despite the fact that productivity levels in agricultural sector still continue to be very low. 

Role of Management Education:- 

In the developing of any nation, the role of youth in constructing the nation need not be over emphasized.  The youth of our country have to absorb the knowledge and skill so as to enable them become perfect fits in the Global and Indian atmosphere.  In this situation, the role of higher education is significance and dominative.  In current knowledge society, where fast changes are arising in all aspects of life.  Management education has become dominant and crucial element in education.   Professionalisation of management education is going to be an important instrument for accepting the current challenges.

Drawbacks of Management Education:-

  • Insufficient availability of specialized experts and qualified faculty.
  • Lack of Industry based specializations.
  • Lower infrastructure.
  • Burden with heavy subjects.
  • Lack of necessary guidance to the students.
  • Lack of updated and industry based syllabus.
  • Lack of admissions in Management Research.
  • Lack of Inter-disciplinary approach.
  • Lack of specified authorities for quality research in management studies.
  • Insufficient Grants for research.

Management institutions are primarily service providers.  The service provided is education that may be defined as value added to learners.

Changes to be implementing:-

  • Restructuring the syllabi at UG and PG levels.
  • Apart from the subject knowledge, soft skills like good writing skills, listening skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, leadership crisis management skills, problem solving skills  etc,. Must be made compulsory in view of its importance in the contemporary job market.
  • Provide facilities for industrial visits.
  • Arrange Guest lectures from expert academicians and industry experienced people.
  • A detailed industry visit report based on the field visits should be made an integral part of the course.
  • UGC and AICTE and NBA accreditations are compulsory for newly existing organizations.
  • Redesigning the qualifications of Faculty, the Faculty must involve research work.  The promotions are depends on the basis of publishing work industry consultancy work only.
  • Redesigning the teaching methods, as a deviation from traditional teaching methods.  The management colleges / schools are able to use innovative and practical teaching methods like management games, workshops and seminars, Mock interviews, proper presentations, individual assignments, field surveys and case studies etc,.
  • Control the study centers, UGC will take care of these centers, in some areas these centers are follow malpractices in examinations.
  • The Government must arrange a statutory body for Admissions, Faculty recruitment, Distance education issues, and Management school ranking.


With the increase in the number of management colleges in our Country, the environment is becoming increasingly highly competitive.

Teaching and learning need to be continuously assessed.  Management colleges may improve their services through various quality programs.

N. Viswanadham
Asst. Professor
Department of Management Studies
Pydah College of Engg. & Tech.

Source: E-mail September 29, 2007


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