Management Education - Threats & Opportunities


Sandeep Saxena
Faculty (Marketing)

Management is a practice developed systematically during IInd world war. At present the management is considered to be most important activity. The management can be defined as "An organized body of knowledge learnt through teaching & training which produces, qualified professionals", because the management concepts were generated from defense & church.

As most of us might be aware that management comprises of planning, organizing, staffing, directing & controlling of Ms, i.e. - Men, machine, methods, money, materials, market & managing itself.

Now the days the management education is having some 'threats & opportunities', some of them are as follows:


*  High competition of management institution even in small cities.
*  Only theoretical aspects are being taught in small institutes
*  Lack of practical knowledge, operation workouts & small duration of SIP(student internship period).
*  Fewer opportunities for rural area candidates due to distance & high cost of education especially in good institutions.
*  High competition among the students too based on eligibility criteria i.e.- only Bechlor's of managements candidates student should be given preference for Master's degree so that the core concepts of the candidates should be clear, like Bechlor's of science(B.Sc.) are eligible for applying in Master's of Science(M.Sc.). & B.Tech for M.Tech etc.
*  Interest of the candidates is diverted more towards only in getting the Degree not in knowledge that is either only for getting promotion or only for value addition.
*  Some times it is also seen that faculties also take less interest (especially in small institutes) in upgrading there knowledge from the current awareness etc. & share only bookish knowledge given in books.

Due to these factors it results that either the students are not able to grasps the whole knowledge & concepts of management or may not be able to survive in the organization for a long.

Now even there are number of threats/challenges for the management education but there are certain strengths & opportunities too some of them I would like to discuss here i.e.- As we know management is a concept which is applicable to each &  every step of our daily routine life, but a person who has gone through management education reflects the difference in his personality & body language from other professionals, which is highly required in current scenario of SSIs & MNCs.

In the present competitive environment 'personality development' is essential to enhance the capacity & capability of the students.

There are certain aspects like planning, organizing, decision making, enhancement of  analytical skills & discipline maintaining are being taught in management studies with the help of different case studies & some different activities conducted during the management studies. This helps them to grow in different fields.

So now the days as in management studies there are numbers of area of specializations are being provided like- Marketing, HR, finance, hospitality, tourism, hotel, retail, insurance, IBM (International business management) & even IT also.

As we all know that there are number of MNCs have already entered even coming also with number of job opportunities in the different fields i.e. - especially in marketing, finance, retail management, hospitality, tourism, IBM etc.

So in conclusion I can say that management education is having the vast opportunities in the current scenario & highly required in companies but the only thing which is supposed to be considered that the quality of education should be improved by conducting more & more activities like role plays, case studies, cue cards, operation-workouts increasing the duration of internship programs & specially motivating the faculties to upgrade their knowledge with latest magazines, newspapers etc.

So that the students can be more aware about the real & reel market environment that will help them in penetrating & evaluating their hidden skills.

Sandeep Saxena
Faculty (Marketing)

Source: E-mail February 16, 2008


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