Women Entrepreneur... New Face of Women


Mrs. Shilpee Adhikari
Sr. Lecturer
Saroj Institute of Technology and Management

Women constitute almost half of the total population of world. Similarly in India also women constitute fifty percent of the total population.

Till the turn of the century, man has enjoyed a dominant position. But change in position technological innovation and modern way of thinking can reduce the disparity between man and women, and bring about equality and equity between them, the need of the hour in women empowerment both through provision of employment and enterprise creation. Typologically, the former leader to endogenous empowerment and the latter give rise to exogenous empowerment.

Women entreprenurer's have been making a significant impact in all segments of the economy in Canada, Great Britain, Germany Australia and US.

The areas choosen by women are retail trade,  restaurants, hotels, education, cultural,  cleaning insurance and manufacturing.

It is the group of women or single women running an enterprise or company in order to earn profit. Now days because of   women empowerment women are stepping-stone into the industries and are taking the place of men. Now a day's women's are running several business like beauty parlours, switching shops, boutiques, etc.

Women entrepreneurs may be defined as a woman or a group of women who initiate, organize and run a business enterprise. In terms of Schunpeterian concept of innovative entrepreneurs, women who innovate, initiate or adopt a business activity are called business entrepreneur.

The Government of India has defined women entrepreneurs based on women participation in equity and employment of a business enterprise. Accordingly, a woman entrepreneur is defined as an enterprise owned and controlled by a woman having a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and giving at least 51% of the employment generated in the enterprise to a woman.

They have made there marks in business because of the following reasons:

  • They want to improve their mettle in innovation and competitive jobs.
  • They want the change to control the balance between their families and responsibility and their business levels.
  • They want new challenges and opportunities for self fulfillment.

Role of women as an Entrepreneur's:

1) Imaginative: It refers to the imaginative approach or original ideas with competitive market. Well-planned approach is needed to examine the existing situation and to identify the entrepreneurial opportunities. It further implies that women entrepreneur's have association with knowledgeable people and contracting the right organization offering support and services.

2) Attribute to work hard: Enterprising women have further ability to work hard. The imaginative ideas have to come to a fair play. Hard work is needed to build up an enterprise..

3) Persistence: Women entrepreneurs must have an intention to fulfill their dreams. They have to make a dream transferred into an idea enterprise; Studies show that successful women work hard.

4) Ability and desire to take risk the desire refers to the willingness to take risk and ability to the proficiency in planning making forecast estimates and calculations.

5) Profit earning capacity:  she should have a capacity to get maximum return out of invested capital.

A Woman entrepreneur has also to perform all the functions involved in establishing an enterprise. These include idea generation, and screening, determination of objectives, project preparation, product analysis, determination of forms of business organization, completion of formal activities,  raising funds,  procuring men machine materials and operations of business.

Fredrick Harbiscon, has enumerated the following five functions  of a women entrepreneur's :

  • Exploration of the prospects of starting a new business enterprise.
  • Undertaking a risk and handling of economic uncertainties involved in business.
  • Introduction of innovations, imitations of innovations.
  • Co ordination, administration and control.
  • Supervision and leadership.

In nutshell, women entrepreneur are those women who think of a business enterprise,  initiate it organize and combine the factors of production, operate the enterprise,  undertake risk  and handle economic uncertainties involved in running a business enterprise.

Mrs. Shilpee Adhikari
Sr. Lecturer
Saroj Institute of Technology and Management

Source: E-mail April 30, 2008


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