A Study on the Mobile Phone gaming behavior of the students
With reference to GRD College of Science, Coimbatore


Faculty-Marketing, GRDIM
Nikhil George
Student-I MBA, GRDIM
Civil Aerodrome (P0), Avinashi Road, Coimbatore-641 014

Executive Summary

This paper is the result of the study conducted on the topic on the impact of mobile phone games on the students of GRD College of Science. The study considered two hundred and fifty UG students taken from various departments of GRD College of Science as sample size. As we all know gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Each and every day the companies are coming with fresh games and the company is using various channels to bring these games to the customers. Mobile phones play a major role in promoting games. This is one of the easiest methods with  which the companies can reach to the customers. In this study we made a survey on the mobile gaming population in the campus. This helped to get an idea about the students' interest in playing games and at the same time how much these games influence their lives. Many of the students are giving special importance for the games which is embedded in the mobile phones. This paper helps to know more about the purpose which the students are using mobile phones apart from communication.


Video games have been a popular pastime across the world since the 1970's. The popularity of the video games has grown with the advancements in digital technology, mobile communication and the internet in the 1990's. Gaming can be classified into PC gaming, console gaming, wireless gaming, multiplayer gaming and the massive Multiplayer Online Role playing Games ( MMORPG). The Indian gaming market is very small when compared to other developed countries such as the US. This is because the awareness for gaming has been primarily limited to urban areas. This also highlights the vast untapped potential in India. With the increased penetration of mobile phone and personal computers in small towns and cities, industry experts are  estimating the gaming market to grow in the near future.

Mobile Game industry

Mobile gaming retains a distant advantage over fixed technologies in that previously entertainment situations can be occupied with gaming, the preferred form of entertainment for hundreds of millions of customers. This is a tremendous advantage. This type of value added service is expected to generate a great deal of revenue, because for millions of users, a mobile phone or dedicated wireless gaming device will be the primary means of occupying "dead time". Portable gaming consoles like Game boy will become less competitive if high- quality content is available on mobile devices, although convergence is a strong likelihood.

However, the incipient revenue models for mobile gaming are inadequate for producers and could cause the market to stagnate in the near term. However, the market is still young and will likely metamorphose in the next two years. Companies who have not established a near term strategy for surviving the early stages of the market growth may become victims of the wireless industry's lagging development of non-voice technologies and seeming unwillingness to provide sufficient compensation to third party application providers.

Mobile Game Industry in India

The penetration of cell phones in India is higher when compared to personal computers. Hence more people are likely to get their first gaming experience on a cell phone. Moreover, a large proportion the youth were keen to try out new games. Cellular service providers such as Vodaphone and Reliance capitalized on the popularity of mobile gaming in order to attract more subscribers by offering games for download through their websites.

India also has great potential to become an attractive destination for outsourcing of gaming development activities. India can capitalize on its strong reputation for outsourcing of IT / ITES services in this regard. But in the outsourcing sector India will have to compete with South Korea and Taiwan whose talent pool is greater than that of India with regard to game development. India needs to establish special training institutes to develop quality professionals. In addition to outsourcing, Indian companies can team up with their foreign counterparts to co-produce games.

In 2006, Indian gaming companies and Indian subsidiaries of foreign gaming companies established the Indian Games Industry and Trade Association ( iGITA ). iGITA would help Indian gaming companies to secure a strong foothold in the global gaming development market. Indian gaming companies are in the process of developing products that are targeted at both domestic and international markets. Despite the growth and opportunities for development, the Indian gaming industry has to deal with challenges such as scarcity of skilled professionals and high prevalence of privacy.

The Indian mobile game business currently makes up about 5 percent of the global wireless market. India currently has about 43 million mobile phone subscribers, and a number of service providers are offering value added services. Mobile phones are also emerging as a leading entertainment device.

As the use of mobile phones expands, and subscribers become more familiar with products and services, "the mobile gaming industry in India can easily grow over 200 percent year on year for the next few years". 

The mobile phones have a huge impact upon the student community. The use of these gadgets by the youth has been in different ways. It is high time for us to be aware of the tastes and preferences of the youth towards the mobile phone games. Hence the study was conducted.

Scope of the study

In this fast moving world mobile phones and usage is an unavoidable part of life. Each and every day the technology is updating. Now we have the world is in our finger tips. Here we like to focus more on the scope, by this we can know about the students approach towards the mobile gaming and how much it influence their life and also helps to identify what type of games which they are really interested. This type of survey's help the company's to identify what the customers are expecting. The usage will vary from one person to another so it's clearly being identified by using this type of studies. The study is mainly focussed on the usage of mobile games by the college students. This help the companies  to implement the customer needs and the same time they can know about to what extend the customers are satisfied with their products and services.

Objectives of the study 

To understand the behavior of UG students regarding usage of mobile phones and playing games using mobile phones.


Research Design: Descriptive research
Sample Size: Two hundred and fifty students taken from various departments of GRD College of Science
Sample Design: Convenience sampling
Data Collection: structured questioners and internet.
Tools and techniques used: Descriptive Statistics

Limitations of the study

This study suffers some limitations too. The study was limited to GRD College of Science only, and so the interpretation of the study may not be taken on the basis for other colleges. There was some weak response from the part of the respondents. The time period of the study was also limited.

Findings and discussions

The following are the insights from the study

* Among the 57.5% of the respondents were male and 42.5% were female.

* We infer that 7.5% use post paid connection and 92.5% use prepaid connection.

* We infer that among the service providers Airtel is preferred the most i.e. 72.5%, Vodaphone 25% and Aircel 2.5%.

* We infer that majority of the respondents are satisfied with their service provider , i.e.  80% and the rest 20% are not satisfied.

* We infer that among response Nokia is preferred the most, i.e. 55%, 38% prefer Sony Ericsson, 5% prefer Motorola and 2% prefer Samsung.

* We infer that majority of the respondents use mobile phones for making calls and SMS , i.e. 35%, making calls alone 15%, SMS alone 25%.None prefer to use mobile phones for only games.

We infer that majority of the respondents i.e. 42.5% consider keypad problem as a disturbance while playing games, 17.5% consider low RAM as a disturbance and 12.5% pointed out other problems.

* We infer that 60% of the respondents spend time to play games for more than half an hour, 25% plays games from half an hour to one hour, 12.5% play more than one hour and 2.5% play more than two hour.

* We infer that among the games played respondents prefer Snake 5%, board games 2.5%, golf 2.5%, Tetras 2.5% and other games 82.5%.None likes to play Tennis.

* We infer that 20% respondents prefer strategic games to be seen in their mobiles, 30% prefer sports, 15% prefer puzzles, 20% prefer racing, and 5% prefer inbuilt games, rest did not respond.

We infer that majority of the respondents prefer inbuilt games i.e. 50%, download games 30%,both 15% and 5% did not respond.

* We infer that 45% of the respondents are willing to spent <10000/- for mobiles having their preferred games, 22.5% are willing to pay >10000/- and 15% are willing to pay > 15000/-.


The outcome of the survey has helped us in identifying the interest of students towards mobile phone games. The usage of mobile phone among the students have been increased to a great extend. Mobile phones are not considered as a device for communication alone but it is considered as a media for entertainment

We come to know that now a day's most of the mobile phone users prefer games in their mobiles. And they are willing to spend some of their time in playing games to relieve from stress. It could also be used to trace out the various kinds of games in which they would prefer to be seen in their phones.

Most of them like to have Racing games in their mobile phones. So the Mobile Companies can bring in more racing type of games rather than other games in mobiles.

Customers are also uncomfortable playing games using keypads and they prefer joysticks for playing games. Most of the mobile users feel that their mobiles life is reduced due to playing games. It is strongly recommended to the mobile manufacturers to produce quality mobiles for gaming purposes.

Faculty-Marketing, GRDIM
Nikhil George
Student-I MBA, GRDIM
Civil Aerodrome (P0), Avinashi Road, Coimbatore-641 014

Source: E-mail May 10, 2008


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