B.P.R. & It's Impact on Present Business Scenario


Amit Kumar Srivastava
Gyan Institute of Management & Technology


In present,
Industries are involved in two types of job:-



Conversion of Input into Output in the form of goods & services both.


* Conversion of Input into Output only in the form of goods.
In both operation & Production B.P.R. is only Applied on
* The Objective of B.P.R is only-"REINVENTION"of process, not—

Improvement in Process
Enhancement in Process
Modification in Process &
Not Incremental Changes in the process   

BUSINESS –is the activity to exchange the goods & services for making profit.

PROCESS- is a collection of activities that takes one or more types of  input and creates output i.e. of value to the customer.

Re-engineering –Hammer & Champy in 1993 defines

Fundamental Rethinking and Radical Redesign of Business Process to achieve Dramatic improvements in critical contemporary measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed.

Different Keys of BPR:-


Key.1. Fundamental

In Re-engineering business people must ask the most basic question about their companies and how they operate.

(Why do we do, what we do?)
(Why do we do it, the way we do?)

Means it first determines the company must do, then how to do it.

Key.2. Radical

Derived from Latin word

Radical means getting to the root of things, not making superficial changes but throwing away the old.

* Re-engineering is about-


Business improvement, enhancement and modification.

Key.3. Dramatic

Re-engineering is not about making marginal or incremental improvement but about achieving bulk in performance.

Key.4. Process

Re-engineering is applied on-

Only, Process involved in manufacturing the product not on the product.

Thus we can say that the four key words that characterize the re-engineering are fundamental, radical, dramatic and process, with emphasis on process.


1. When companies find themselves in deep trouble.
2. When companies are not yet in trouble but whose management has foresight to see trouble coming .
3. When Company is present at the peak position.

Characteristics of Re-engineered Process:-

1. Several jobs are combined in to one.
2. Workers make decisions.
3. The steps in the process are performed in a natural order.
4. process have multiple version.
5. Work is performed where it makes the more sense.
6. Checks & controls are reduced.
7. A case manager provides a signal point of contact.  

Case Manager

* A case manager is another recurring characteristic found in re-engineered process.
* Acting as a buffer between the still complex process & the customer, the case manager behaves with the customer if he or she were responsible for performing the entire process.
* The case manager are sometimes called empowered Customer Service Represent(CSR) to distinguish them from traditional CSR.

Impact of BPR

1.BPR is responsible for re-invention
* Re-invention will come from research
* Research is the journey from unknown to known.
2.BPR is responsible for quality control
Ex. Value Engineering
3.BPR saves time
4.It provides change to the customer
5. It improves the efficiency of an organization
6. Maintain good industrial relation
7.Avoid resistance to change.
8. BPR become the means of HRD (Human Resource Development) with the help of training program proving  to workers for new process.

Amit Kumar Srivastava
Gyan Institute of Management & Technology

Source: E-mail June 6, 2008


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