Women in International Business


Miss. E. Jeevitha
Miss. M. Jayanthi
MBA, M.Phil
Department of Management Studies & Research
Tamilnadu College of Engineering
Karumathampatti, Coimbatore-641 659


Women recently started playing a vital role in international business. However the role of women is not equal to that of men even today. The role of women in economic activities varies from country to country. The women in the middle management position seem to age around 34 years or below.  Rarely can married women in such a position be found with achieved. Motivation paves way to some women to make their foot prints in all types of business including industrial goods and high technology. Thus hardly can any business be found without a women   competing   with   a man to reach the specific career goal.

Women accept the transfer and relocation offers regardless of the change of life style. It pictures the awareness the women have on relocation offer that such an offer if refused might harm her career in the long run.

Drive, determination & persistence are essential for anyone in business. Business requires more than a nine-five job. You are the boss, but you are also be the janitor, the book-keeper, the baby- sitter, personnel manager and the marketing manager. Women-owned businesses have been less successful in international trade than their male-owned counterparts according to Fran Close, the President of the Alliance of Business Women International (ABWI).

In recent years the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor has shown an increase in women's participation in enterprise in the world. However, a gap still remains between the number of men and women engaged in entrepreneurial activity, and women continue to be the largest under-represented group. There is enormous benefit to be realized for our economy if more women are encouraged to maximize the use of their skills in an existing business or new business start-up.

Every woman who follows her inner voice and takes the plunge of starting a business is bodacious. Bodacious means to be bold, outstanding, and gutsy. Striking a balance between work and personal life is the important trait in leadership of business by the women.

The business women in business aim at achieving following things:

Business Excellence - includes customer relations, product or service quality, market acceptance and operating performance.

Professional Achievements - includes maintaining professional autonomy, pursuing intellectual activities, community relations and community recognition.

Financial Achievements - includes generating income, organizational profitability and financial independence.

Personal Satisfaction - includes maintaining relationships with friends, family and partner, managing work/life demands, and ability to acquire personal goods.

The role of women in different countries is exhibited as below:





Saudi Arabia

Restrictions on women's freedom.
E.g. they are not permitted to drive, to travel on an airplane alone or to stay in a hotel without a male family member.



Japan women seldom work after marriage;
Consequently, women are unlikely to progress far within organizations.



Women have attained a degree of equality in business, but they are seldom found in top management.



The constitution has been interpreted to mean that women should only the work force if her husband is not able to look after the family economically.


China (the Govt provided extensive educational facilities for women)

Women hold many of same positions as men, but they are required to retire at an earlier age.


Hong Kong

They are effective in doing business, so mostly they are in secretarial positions.



Equal opportunity is given to women, they do not enter business.



Majority of nurses and secretaries are women while the majority of fire, fighters, construction workers and foresters are men.



Employment is quite common. 80% of women work force is in the age of 10 to 24 years. Professional women are in government service.



They are educated and are given opportunity, but they are discouraged from seeking employment.


South Korea

They rarely enter business.



Women are seen as "the hind legs of the elephant" – powerful but following – and are in subordinate positions. Some women hold top positions in government and private business.



Women get 32 weeks of maternity leave.



Women get 15 weeks



Women get 16 weeks


Most of the European countries

They are attempting to promote equal opportunities for women


U.S.A and Canada

It is better compared to women employment in almost all the other countries in the world. However , women work in jobs subordinate to men in the U.S.A and Canada.



They mostly confine to domestic activities


West Indies

The minimum wage for women is lower than for men , regardless of the work performed.


Women have made great workers over the part- decade.  Women achieved a lot in many fields. Now – a –   days, thus there is no a field with out a women's contribution. The growth their after have also increased to the high level. But it has not yet reached the highest level. Even the current scenario, the women are portioned at the level below to that of men. Still socialism, take of political awareness and tokenism play a vital role in preventing the women's growth.

"Most women want to be prompted as quickly as men
Most women want their talents recognized
Most women don't want to act like men"

Women should know which of your talents they can reveal at work—and which must remain hidden and how to present these talents in a way that gains acceptance from men in the workplace. This would bring laurels to her in the business and personal life…

Miss. E. Jeevitha
Miss. M. Jayanthi
MBA, M.Phil
Department of Management Studies & Research
Tamilnadu College of Engineering
Karumathampatti, Coimbatore-641 659

Source: E-mail June 26, 2008


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