India must plan for the year 2016 and/or 2020 A.D. Olympics for
rich overhaul of Olympic Medals


Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Alliance Business School
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Spot the talent at early age, and make a group of 5 to 12 years old children and let us train them till 2016 Olympics and for 2020 A.D. Olympics.

China did that earlier. China took Olympic holiday and when they participated they went on to win huge medals haul. May be, India should not take holiday but should dream and try these things, put forth here.

Ms. Nadia Comanechi, (Nadia means Hope in Romanian language) went on to win Gold medal in Montreal 1976 Olympics, with perfect over all 10 score in Gymnastics, at the age of 14. I t was only due to early spotting and training by the Romanian authorities.
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Similarly, there are young road show gymnasts in India who are doing it well on the road everyday. One of them I met was just 5 years old before I could take any action he went away in the train I Was riding, while going to Mumbai. They do it to earn daily bread, why can't they be trained? How about Budhia being trained for Marathon, without being burned out at early age? Remember, only in young age it is possible to serve for country with great valor.

In India and Pakistan, every one knows the example in cricket, Mr. Wasim Akram was spotted by Mr. Imran Khan in his early young age, later Wasim Akram went on to become world class bowler. Similarly, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and Mr. Vinod Kambli were spotted by Ramkant Achrekar and went on to represent India with great style.

Also, Ms. Marjorie Gestring of the United States was just 13 years old and the youngest in the Olympic History, when she went on win Olympic Gold Medal that too in 1936. Just see countries are planning it since 1930's and India needs to plan for this purpose. See URL: In fact Swami Vivekananda already had marked this revolution of participation of ladies wings in all the major activities that too in United States in early 1893 it self. He also said in this connection that before you sit for meditation you must have strong body hence try playing foot ball and get yourself fit first and then try mediation, as strong mind always thrives in strong body. He meant to say that spiritual awaking is always possible once one attains strong body and mind.

India's Mr. Abhinav Bindra, was spotted by all around him, but his father went on to invest millions of dollars for his passion for shooting: See the URL:, in 2008, he went on to win Gold Medal in Olympics.

Mr. Michael Phelps was spotted early, trained early and was well encouraged by USA authorities and he is now Olympics' the greatest: See URL:

Olympic is not one month practice and winning. An Olympic medal goes to them who practice for years, compete in local and major tournaments, and then reduce their errors. Above all, they try to attain flawless perfection. Then these individuals or teams, practice/s under sever critical guidance, and then participate in Olympics and win.

All gold medalists have flawless run in their events otherwise one mistake and you are out in Olympics. Take example of Ms. P. T. Usha of India. She didn't know that one has to bow one's head down and forward it while touching the final thread of crossing in any highly competitive racing. Her competitor bowed her head in 400 meters run, while Ms. P. T. Usha didn't and that one centimeter body tilt cost her one micro second difference and she lost her medal, forget gold medal, she lost bronze medal. See though both of them crossed the final line at the same time but final photo shot had shown this difference and hence this loss, even after her life time devotion. Such kinds of experience/s come only after participating in many events and in loss and win situations. Also, there is one more side. One must participate in every emotion of life and every phase of his present life, i.e. when one feels down what is the time require running 100 meters and if one is in good mood then how much time is required. Thus, experience makes that player perfect in approach. Same thing is possible in other games.

Another thing, Olympics is not an only individual effort.

It required revolution in former East Germany and former USSR. The Governments trained their participant as a pride of / for nation. That's the passion, participation, sponsorship, training, mentorship, and devotion required for Olympics. When these two countries didn't participated in Los Angels Olympics, (though I was child I remember sentence from BBC news), it is, as if a marriage without bride and groom, with only USA as the super power of sports participating and USSR and East Germany boycotting.

Thus, media also thrives on heroism of sports persons and people are always looking for heroic deeds for inspiration; and sports provide more inspiration to Youngies than any other events in the world. E.g. There are more number of fan following in India for European Football than any big country over there by sheer numbers and Beckham or Ronaldo and Ronaldino are bigger heroes for many children than any other. Similarly, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods, Michael Shoemaker, were/ are more popular around the world than any one player in any other country.

For this purpose only, already few corporate bodies in India have started sponsoring Narain Kartikeyan the F1 driver, Vishwanath Anand the World Chess Champion, kinds of players.

Initiatives are there but it should be at large scale and in every spectrum of sports, and that too with more result oriented approach.

Sports should be bread earning, passion, revolution, business proposition, living style, India.

Ancient History has many records that Kings around the world including India had taken care of the best Shooters...., Samurai..., Runners...,Horse riders, Swimmers..., Wrestlers..., and there used to be competitions may it be internal, provincial, national and international.

One of the best examples could be Milo. His father trained him by calling and asking him to bring bull in his hands. Milo's father used to call him every now and then.  He directed him, "Every time I call you, you must bring that calf lifting in your both hands". Yes, the bull was calf and Milo was child. Later calf became bull and Milo became strongest man on earth by lifting the bull in his both hands and every time bringing it to his father. A weightlifting champion. See the vision of his father and see the dedication of Milo. Great example for one and all.

In fact, there is example from Ramayana as well. Once he was trained by Vishwamitra, Ram went on to cut down 7 trees at a time with only one arrow. In Mahabharata, Arjun could shoot an arrow pin point even on the ant and that too in pitch dark night by listening the movement of an ant. There was no infrared camera but Arjun could shoot arrow even on ant, away few hundred meters.

Coming to modern era, just what is required is the alignment of business model, individual association, government and/ or corporate support, supporting laws, and balanced life for the players.

In USA, Holland, Australia, an individual can opt for sports as a career but not in India. I have personally talked on this issue with one Asian Games bronze medalist working as a clerk in Mumbai and Pune area in the year 2004. Even after winning medals Government does not take proper care. Few thousand rupees pension cannot solve the problem of bread-butter for family when your children grow up and start going to college. This was his major concern.  I know few Mumbai-Pune cyclists who don't know how to participate in Olympic events. Remember it is 180 kilometers distance. They are doing it often but efforts are wasted because of lack of guidance and support.

"I have seen Indian Hockey Association's grounds in top 25 cities in India, they even don't have barricades and hence few huts and other localities have been grown since long over there", was the remark of one top Hockey player on the News Channel.  The reason being no care taker, no this and that. 

Few volleyball players complained about basic gears not been provided for practice.

Then, I have seen a complete Sports village-Balewadi, built 25 kilometers away from city- Pune. Everyday, 365 days an year, only 2 players come regularly in the whole stadium. They are just interested in getting government jobs by showing their everyday practices and .... Their coach said they have shorter aims and no Olympic dreams. Thus, it is a matter of better counseling that is required on this issue.

We are not here to criticize any one entity or authority, we believe in positive actions being taken. Already there is less time left. That is why Total Revolution and Evolution is required on this front in India.

Hence, to extend further, few oldies complaint that, the games have changed and games have lost their amateur-ness and natural ness. Hockey is not played on the natural ground any more. Astroturf is required, how many countries can afford such lofty things? Many Indian and Pakistani players have complained about this. They also added that the rules also suit more to European style of playing.

However, Sporting giants around the world train their players as per the new rules, with proactive approach and provide all support and they take care of players like the Fortune 500 companies are trying to provide the internal talented customers i.e. their employees, the life and job satisfaction. Countries are also trying to be like the best employers. For this reason many developing nation players shifted their base to USA or UK or France got trained there and went on to win medals in Asiad, Olympics, Foot ball, etc. events and championships.  The best example could be Mr. Rajiv Balkrishnan my childhood friend. He went to USA got trained in athletics and went on to win medal in Asiad for India. Again this is an individual effort like Mr. Abhinav Bindra.

In fact what European Football Clubs are doing? Calling the best talent in the world, paying these talents very well, training them well, giving them life's best experience and hence they survive.

India should try and build their players like above set examples in case they want to win some medals in Olympics few call it, "An Olympic Medal Dream of India".

In fact corporate, government, sports bodies, international bodies, students' wings, clubs, sporting organisations, should come together and bring this revolution in India. If 20-20 revolution is possible then why not Olympic Revolution? In fact ICL should not stop only with cricket, they must extend their wings.

If, an MRF foundation is the business model for fast bowlers are there, many such result oriented foundations should be there for every sport. Cricket is not the only game which world plays. There are many games which given small attention can fetch gold for India. Life and sports should be multidimensional and it should display spectrum of shining colors.

Some experts, authorities, organisations should come forward guide these people who need guidance. Thus, Progress and let Progress, should be mantra, as Coach gets his job and learners get their.

India cannot be super power unless it shows its powers in every aspect that every super power is showing. It could be arms race, Olympic medals, Research and development and legal patents, technologies, social fronts, business fronts, infrastructure fronts, travel and tourism, health and safety ... to name a few. Thus, to become super power you require healthy minds and sports can bring that revolution.

It is all leadership and management.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Alliance Business School
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Source: E-mail August 14, 2008 / August 18, 2008


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