"Globalisation of Indian Postal Service - A Study"


Ms. Sonia Riyat
Lecturer & Academic Coordinator
Netaji Subhas Institute of Business Management
Pokhari, Jamshedpur

1. Objective:

The Department of Posts, Ministry of Communication & Technology, India is knocking the door of Globalisation. To start its journey as a Global Giant, it is providing a special training on "Soft Skill" to the employees at each level throughout the country.

In Jharkhand, Netaji Subhas Institute of Business Management, Pokhari, Jamshedpur has got the opportunity to conduct the specified workshop for the employees of Jamshedpur main post office (Bistupur). During the workshop, I interacted with the employees and felt the real obstacles in their working style that have to be removed. 

The objective of this study is to present a precise scenario of the current working culture of Indian Postal Departments and to provide a few suggestions, which may help to the respected authorities in their growth and development.

2. Introduction:

Today, a post office is not limited to transact simple mails only.  It has become a big business icon in corporate world.  It is dealing with a number of postal & financial services like e-post, e-billing, retail post, logistic post, media post, mutual funds, western money transfer etc. Instead of this, the customers are moving towards its competitors i.e. internet services, courier companies, private sector banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, share market etc. 

The emerging era is most competitive where a post office has to make certain changes in its old pattern of workstyle.

3. SWOT Analysis:

The SWOT analysis on Indian Postal Services and on its working process is as follows:


  • Strong Network
  • Cost Effective
  • Security / Safety with respect to deposits
  • Efficient Manpower


  • Unchanged working culture
  • Lack of feedback in communication process
  • No Job Rotation
  • Job Stress among employees
  • Lower rate of interest on deposits as compare to competitors


  • Increasing number of customer
  • Inflationary market
  • Technological Advancement


  • Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Increasing market share of competitors

4. Competitors' Strategy To Increase The Market Share:

The competitors of Indian Postal Services are attracting the customers by a number of ways. The following are the remarkable signs that leave their print in the heart of customers while visiting the private sector banks / insurance companies, courier companies:

    1. At the entrance of the office, one security person wishes warmly and pulls the door for you. (First impression is the last impression).

    2. Gesture and posture of the employees and their appearance makes the environment pleasant.

    3. Time effectiveness.

    4. Effective working culture that helps employees to be more productive.

    5. Interconnection among small companies (for example a courier company with limited network, makes a tie-up with another company and drops the mails to the desired destination.).

    6. Provides higher rate of interest on deposits.

5. Ideas And Details:

If we compare the SWOT Analysis of Indian Postal Services with its Competitors' Strategy to increase their market share, we would come to know that the ' strength' of Indian Postal Service is very strong and if it makes certain changes in its policies it can remove its 'weakness' and can easily overcome from the 'threat' situation.

If there is a 'problem' in the relationship among the family members, it can be removed only by painting the heart of the family members rather than painting the walls of the house.

In a company, family means the relationship between:

    i. Top Level Management,

    ii. Middle Level Management,

    iii. Lower Level Management, and

    iv. The Customer

The customers are also a part of our professional family and to strengthen the relationship with the customers, efforts should be done from entire family members whether it is a top level management or a lower level management.

There are a few suggestions which may help to Indian Postal Service Department in its further growth:

    i. To increase the productivity of the employees, Job Rotation Policy should be adopted because a similar nature of work makes an employee irritate and less-productive.

    ii. Soft Skill Training is provided to the employees but the implementation should be done from the Top Level Management because they are the leaders. If a leader will come late in the office, the follower will also come late.

    iii. Employees are the internal customers of a company.  Their satisfaction carries a greater value.  A true & fair feedback system should be their where each employee can put their words without any fear.

    iv. Employees should be motivated for providing suggestions and if any suggestion is really valuable, proper attention is required .  There should not be any adverse action against employees at the time of providing suggestion.

    v. A dress code should be there to form uniformity among employees and the colour of the uniform should be in a light shade because it makes the working environment cool. (All the colours have their psychological effect.)

    vi. No employee should be allowed to work overtime.  Even he should not work after the duty-hour.  Because, the efficiency & effectiveness in the work means completion of a work within the time limit.

    vii. An attractive infrastructure attracts the customers.  Therefore, attention should be given towards this side.

    viii. Time is precious for every one.  With this motto, the customer service department should work so that there shall not be a long queue in any counter.

    ix. Customer-friendly environment should be there in every counter.

    x. In today's inflationary market, banking sector is providing higher rate of interest on deposits.  The postal service department should also adopt this kind of strategy to retain their customers.

    xi. The postal service department should adopt an adequate promotional policy.  For example, advertisement in local newspaper for financial services provided by the Indian Postal Department.

6. Conclusion:

It can be concluded, that Indian Postal Service needs technological, social, cultural & economic change.  With a little bit of change, it can create a monopoly in the market.

7. References / Bibliography:

  • www.indiapost.gov.in
  • Prabhat Khabar dtd.12/08/2008

Ms. Sonia Riyat
Lecturer & Academic Coordinator
Netaji Subhas Institute of Business Management
Pokhari, Jamshedpur

Source: E-mail August 21, 2008


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