Line of Succession: New Mantra in Global Recession


Dr. Ranjan Upadhyaya
Banasthali University


by Victor G. Butcher, CPA, LUTCF
"If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one."
                                                      John Galsworthy, Nobel prize winning novelist

The corporate rejuvenate the theoretical aspects without relapsing the revocation of the line of successors for future generation. The corporate legacy is ending without any second Line of succession in Global Recession. The mindblower graveness is the upsurge of the collapsing of the corporate without any head of the hundred-year old span of successful legacy of any corporate or the organization.

The predecessors or successors have never looked the transfer and limitation of the power or the decentralization of the tilt for the betterment of the organization or the collective look. The managing committees never let the middle hierarchy to run their hand in the process of the decision-making. They are allow to profess the stigma of carrying out the supervisory work which never free them in the long run to inculcate the sowing of the seeds for the line of succession for any eventuality.

The right time has now reaped where new generation can catch hold of the situation and can decide the fate of the corporate with the corporate culture or the line of succession. The survival of the corporate is manageable with the flow of the ideas to enrich the budding managers to capitalize the situation in their favor with the line of succession in the strategy making for the corporate where they are performing their duties.

The beauty of the hundred years corporate in global recession is the stigma of without any clear cut line of the succession which tarnish the corporate culture and damage the efficacy of the India Management in the eyes of the other corporate in this Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization era.

The corporate are casthrophy about the saturation but not letting the professionalism to blow by the tilt in the succession policies. The magnitude of the survival without the succession is saddling the path of the growth of the many corporate. The succession lines are letting the organization to loose the corporate culture and the Persia of the new role of the rework for the second line of the managers in the corporate.

Very few corporate in the world had the line of succession in their day-to-day business, which is making to toe the competitiveness at every stage of their survival in the egoistical meridian of their survival in the global recession. Over here we can easily correlate the best example are the Merry Leche and Lehman Brothers etc.

Mantra of Line of Succession at Glance

i) Total Talent Management Process
ii) Future Maneuverability
iii) Task Orientation
iv) Strategies Diversification
v) Exhaustive Succession Planning Exercise

Futuristic Goals in Line of Succession

i) Time saving
ii) Economical
iii) Smooth transfer of the powers
iv) Good and reliability in the Human Resources Planning
v) Customer and distribution channels faith in the company
vi) Product strengthening
vii) Customer and market retentive.
viii) Edging forms the competitor end.

Dimension of the Line of Succession

Merits of Line of Succession

Unlimited merits and not defined ones due to its different adaptability and coercive in nature, which further enforce the corporate passion for survivals. The line of succession can be protective for the corporate and for the shareholders in any case of any eventuality which safeguards them form the economically and market shakes out or turmoil situations. Different fields have different impact, which is not enhancing in the long run for any institutions.

Hindrance in Framing Line of Succession

* Top people never allow middle to think of the line of succession.
* Old and traditional institutions are the most corrupt in deciding the line of the succession
* Especially in educational sectors that too which is ruled by the ethos and family member never let the outsiders to think of any line of the succession for their institution
* The young ones are deprived and emotionally blackmail with different conditions not mentioned in their offers letters.
* No governing models and bodies which can be involves
* No laws and rules prescribed by globally or at local levels too.
* The understanding at the grass root level is with the mutual decision.
* The pending case is more than the solved one in the Indian context.
* The loading of the work is thrown to the young and capable employees, who have to bear the burn of the family politics.

Perpetual Drawback of the Line of Succession


The different ideas, which can be drawn here, is that the traditional based organization and the corporate have the tendency in late deciding of their line of succession of which the burn has to bear by the esteem employees. The cutting edge technology is also not in position to give any type of the relief's to the employees neither the good management practices too helping the employees.

The fabrication is only with the good words, which get delayed in the boards of meeting or in board of the studies in the educational meeting in the educational institution.

Greatest challenges lies with the 0rganisation which run on the legacy of the old tradition and never allow the young blood to groom in the quest of inspiration for the betterment form the job prospects or from the job security points.

In India the rate of failing to meet the line of succession is very high which is killing the entrepreneurial skill of the good employees in all respects.

Even in the family members never let the right to be given to the young because of the old tradition or the Indian set up which is harming in grooming of the young ones for future.

"Survival of the corporate are possible with line of succession"

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Dr. Ranjan Upadhyaya
Banasthali University

Source: E-mail March 20, 2009


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