Bringing Professionalism in Management with New Perspective - Issues, Trends & Solutions


Dr. Lakshmi G
Sr. Faculty Member
Icfai National College


Today every manager is required to work as a leader and therefore, he is required to be conscious of the fact that he cannot survive in the organization as effective and useful leader unless there is radical change in his outlook to achieve the distinction of his being a true manager with high successful record of achievement.  He should understand the inherent possibilities in interacting with other professionals. The business world is filled with possibilities for those who understand key business partnerships and the potential. Knowing how to interface with business professionals can greatly expand your network of contacts and your access to critical career information. He should take responsibility when he has made a mistake and others are wrong. One way to earn the eternal gratitude of those around him is by being willing to take blame. When a manager can do this, he will virtually never have to take all of the blame, because no one will ever let him. Apologies are always accepted and graciousness counts for a lot.  One should us professional methods of communication. If the managers are going to be interacting with other professionals and receiving confidential information through a home e-mail or on a home voice mail, it is not the best time to have two-year-old make the message, and it is the time to not use "hotmail" or some other connector which sounds lightweight.


The word management has been defined by different writers differently but for our purpose this can be defined in the simplest concept,  Management is the Organization, control and motivation of human efforts directed to the set goals. 

Any Management analyses situations and facts for guiding and directing the organization objectives and the manager is the dynamic and life giving factor for the growth of the organization and the national prosperity.  Management is a dynamic process, ever progressing in the practice with changing world scene.  The main objective of the management is set goal achievement for economic growth of the country in wider sense.  No economic growth could ever be achieved by legislation, administrative regulation and exhortation It is only through MAN and efficient and effective management.

Professionalism in management essentially demands the following

  • The right attitude and approach to management.
  • The systematic evolution of objectives for the organization
  • The application of appropriate methods for achieving the objectives of the organization.

The very objective of professionalism in a constant endeavor by the Manager to eradicate real the part real short comings and bring in reality to practice for objective achievement with the help of his education, training, skills, experience and vision with right attitude and approach, required adoption in the environment in which he was.  Professionalism must lead to the ascendancy of Managerial excellence over various constraints and how this can be brought about is above formal education and training.  What is needed is to create real awareness among the management personnel.

Every manager is required to work as a leader and therefore, he is required to be conscious of the fact that he cannot survive in the organization as effective and useful leader unless there is radical change in his outlook to achieve the distinction of his being a true manager with high successful record of achievement.  Professionalism will then appear to be meaningful to him.  It is a Herculean task to achieve professionalism in management but both of them are very close to each other.  In present day managerial situations, professionalism adds greater strength of achievement, may be, simpler too.  Therefore, professionalism in management is desirable and all efforts should be made to achieve it.  The following will definitely help in this direction:

Faith and confidence:

Every profession is dear to its professionals.  But all those who are in the profession may not be managers and are responsible to manage.  Even those who are so responsible may not bring professionalism to management.  Unless they have faith and confidence in their profession, its usefulness to management and the organization, as a whole will not be successful.    Therefore, faith and confidence in the profession and its utility for the management will not only make professionalizing the management easier but also will produce results which otherwise could not have been possible.

Favorable attitude and approach:

No professionalism in management will be effective and useful to the management of the organization unless who intend it and those who will be using for objective achievements have right approach and attitude in utilizing the professionalized management.  The absence of proper approach and attitude the part of professionals and managers will not only hinder in serving the purpose but may harm the management and be a real hurdle and constraint for objective achievement.

Competence and capabilities:

For obvious reasons, professionalizing management cannot be said to be always smooth selling.  However, inspite of its professionalism can be brought into management if the concerned managers are possessing adequate capabilities and are competent to make proper adjustments in professionalizing the management.


A Manager has to possess the quality of creativity and such managers are not only pro professionalizes but make all endeavor to accept professionalization in Management.

Reasonable freedom, Safety and security:

Management function has increasingly been complex and constraints often imbalance the managerial situations.  Therefore, the management has to have adequate safety, security and freedom in its functions which will help in not only managing the organization but professionalizing management functions which makes objective achievements easy. 

Management of situation & Environment:

Political, social, and economic situations in our country is changing very fast and becoming complex day by day.  Today's manager finds it really hard to function and produce desired results.  He is required to manage the environment and situations and not only control them but make them favorable for accomplishing his managerial functions.  Therefore, the management has to evolve systems and adopt appropriate measures to manage the situation and environment which will create atmosphere for bringing professionalism into management.

Updating Knowledge and education:

Be he a professional or a member of the management team or he is in any sphere of life, adequate knowledge is a must and updating of this is desirable.  A manager cannot function effectively and efficiently unless he is knowledgeable and improves his capability through adequate knowledge which is possible through proper education and updating of the knowledge.  Proper education of the management team and updating their knowledge will have higher bearing on bringing professionalism and its practice thereafter for objective achievement.

On going and incoming situation oriented ability:

AN organization cannot achieve its desired growth unless its management is effective.  Management cannot be effective if it is aware of only the ongoing happenings and turns out itself deaf to the future.  Therefore, the management should be fully aware of what is happening now and have to sense what might happen in days and few years to come.  The management can adopt professionalism and use it efficiently if sensing power is possessed and adequate measures are taken to harness the future.

Managing the Management:

A manager in the management team cannot be effective unless he is capable of managing the management in a wider sense.  While playing his own role he has to play certain roles in some situations and make the management team to function effectively.  Every manager and entire management team has this responsibility to discharge and such quality helps greatly to bring professionalism to management.


Adoption of professionalism into management will face hurdles if the management team is disinclined or disinterested and adoption is circumstantial, if it is so, lit will not serve any purpose and made do harm to the organization and the management.  Therefore, management team has to be properly disposed for bringing professionalism to management which will help the management to achieve the objectives of the organization.

The above points may help the organization to practice its managerial functions and create favorable situations for bringing professionalism to management.


The recent trends in India have been favorable in many disciplines and organizations and professionalism has to into managerial functions.  With proper training and understanding, right attitude and approach do emerge and this had helped in professionalizing the management.  Proper faith, confidence and disposition are keys to success and achieving the objectives of the organization through professionalizing the Management.

Dr. Lakshmi G
Sr. Faculty Member
Icfai National College

Source: E-mail April 12, 2009


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