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What Creativity means in Advertising

N. Priya, Senior Lecturer
M. Revaty Vishal, Asst. Professor
[August 27, 2010]

Shirdi Sai Engg. College, Bangalore


Ethics in Advertising: An Endless Dilemma

Soumyamoy Maitra, Lecturer
[August 26, 2010]

D.B. Pawar College of Management


Gender Equality - Reality / Myth

Anuradha M.V., Lecturer
[August 26, 2010]

Global Academy of Technology, Rajarajeshwarinagar


Retention of Talent & Employee Motivation
- A challenge before the HR professionals

Mrs. Anuja Shukla, Lecturer
[August 26, 2010]

Global Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar


Religious Tourism - India's Very Unique Selling Proposition

Sonia Goel, Senior Lecturer
[August 19, 2010]

Khandelwal College of Management & Tech., Bareilly


Developing Competencies of Engineering Students and making them more eligible for employment

Prof. B.R.Venkatesh, Professor
[August 17, 2010]

Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore


Human Resource Management in Future:
An Obstacle ot Champion of Globalisation?

Prof. Harshada Mulay,
Asst. Professor  [August 17, 2010]

Chanakya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai


Retention management in hotel industry: A proactive perspective

Ms.Vijit Chaturvedi, Asst. Professor /
Dr. D.S. Yadav, Asst. Professor
[August 14, 2010]

Lingaya's University, Faridabad / Agra University, Agra


How to Manage Brand in Rural Places?

Sandeep Saxena, Asst. Professor
[August 12, 2010]

AIT, Rampur


The Credit Guarantee Scheme & its Impact on SMEs - Case of working capital management for Auto Dealers

Vivek Joshi, Professor of Finance & Entrepreneurship
[August 6, 2010]

Director - Creative Head Consultants Jaipur / Corporate Consultant & Trainer


Total Quality Management in Health Care Sector

Mrs Sreedevi Menon, Lecturer
[August 6, 2010]

CNK Reddy College of Business Management, Bangalore


Confidence Building for Self Development

Anuradha M.V, Lecturer
[August 4, 2010]

Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore


Rin vs. Tide: The Soapy Saga…

Soumyamoy Maitra, Lecturer
[August 4, 2010]

DB Powar College of Management


Research study on Convectional MBA colleges of Nanded

Prof. Jameel Pathan, Faculty
[August 4, 2010]

Indigrow Institute of Professional Studies, Nanded


Leading and Managing Change; HR Issues

Vandana Mohanty, Lecturer
[July 31, 2010]

Rajdhani College of Engg & Management, Bhubaneswar


Leadership: Concepts from Outstanding Scholars

Shizzi Ahmed, Lecturer
[July 31, 2010]

IILM Business School, Hyderabad


Business Transformation: The Key for Sustainable Growth

Ms Asha E Thomas, Asst. Professor
[July 31, 2010]

SCMS, Cochin


Retail Marketing in India

Reetu Sharma, Teaching Associate
[July 22, 2010]

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


New rupee symbol reflects strength of economy (With reference to its impact on Indian and world economy)

Vijay Prakash Gupta, Lecturer
[July 22, 2010]

CMD, Modinagar


A real Indian Story If you believe or not believe?

Jameel Pathan, Soft Skill Trainer
[July 17, 2010]

Indigrow Institute of Professional Studies (IIPS), Nanded


Measures to Avoid Unethical Practices (Fraud) Using the Techniques of Forensic Accounting

Gnanendra. M, Lecturer
[July 17, 2010]

AMC Engineering College, Bangalore


Job Involvement: A Theoretical Interpretation in different work Settings

Dr. Zaki Akhtar, Lecturer /
Udham Singh, Research Scholar
[July 17, 2010]

Karim City College, Jamshedpur / Ranchi University


Managing Change - An Organizational perspective

Vani Venugopal, Lecturer
[July 10, 2010]

AMC Engineering College, Bangalore


Participative Organizational Culture

Shweta Bhatia, Lecturer
[July 3, 2010]

Global School of Business,
New Delhi


Organizational Self Assessment for KM Tools

Mr. A.Sivakumar, HOD /
Ms. J.Jayashree, Lecturer
[July 3, 2010]

Dr. SNS Rajalakshmi College of Arts & Science


Opportunities in Rural Marketing

Kandasamy. C, Nagesha. B.N,
Aparna. B 
[June 25, 2010]

Faculty of Advanced Management College, Bangalore


Total Quality Management - A Strategic Initiative Gaining Global Compitative Advantage

Prof. Pushpalatha. V,
Asst. Professor  [June 25, 2010]

Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru


Mergers & Acquisitions: Some Key Issues

Prof. Ajit Kumar Bansal,
Asst. Professor  [June 18, 2010]

Graphic Era University, Dehradun


Garden of life: Role of Education in shaping today's youth

Mr. Sunil V. Chaudhary, Lecturer
[June 18, 2010]

SEMCOM College,
Vallabh Vidyanagar


Teens as Brand Ambassadors

Ms. Kouser Noor Fathima, Faculty
[June 18, 2010]

AMC Engineering College, Bangalore


Issues & Challenges of Internet Security

Ranjana Srivastava, Lecturer
[June 18, 2010]

K.R. Mangalam Institute of Management, New Delhi


Stress and I.Q - The importance of I.Q of an individual in workplace and how to reduce stress

Sachin Kumar N.N, Faculty
[June 15, 2010]

IBMR, Hubli


Ethics in Marketing Research

Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar, Head /
Mr. C. Kandasamy, Research Scholar
[June 11, 2010]

AMC Engineering College, Bangalore / Anna University Coimbatore, Coimbatore


Child Abuse and its Implications

Anuradha M.V, Lecturer
[June 8, 2010]

Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore


Stress Management - In General

Rubeenabegum. M, Senior Faculty
[May 28, 2010]

Vidya Bharati Foundation's Institute of Business Management & Research, Hubli


Technological Change & Financial Innovation in Banking

Mr. Birenjan Digal, Faculty
[May 28, 2010]

Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore


Communication Strategy for Rural Markets: A Study on India

Nihar Mohapatra, Lecturer /
Tapas Ranjan Moharana, Sr. Lecturer /
Dhananjay Beura, Asst. Professor
[May 28, 2010]

Global Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar


Stress at Workplace & How to
Reduce it?

Alpi Rastogi, Sr. Lecturer
[May 23, 2010]

Vivek College of Management & Technology, Bijnor


Leader and Co-Leader:
"Saas Vs. Bahu"

Dr. K.S. Srinivasa Rao, Director
[May 17, 2010]

Institute for Technology and Management (ITM), Bangalore


Managing Multiculturalism & Diversity in Organizations

Ms. Neetu Munjal / Ms. Madhvi Sharma, Lecturers  [May 17, 2010]

Kedarnath Aggarwal Institute of Management, Charkhi Dadri (Bhiwani)


CSR and Business Ethics - Need for An Integrated Approach

Dr. Ravi Shekhar Vishal, Lecturer /
Dr. Shardul Chaubey, Sr. Lecturer
[May 14, 2010]

School of Management Sciences, Varanasi


The Prospective Rural Market

Sandeep Saxena, Lecturer
[May 12, 2010]

AIT, Rampur


Expatriate Spousal Problems and Feasible solutions

Kavita Verma, Faculty Member
[May 7, 2010]

B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Technology and Management, Faridabad


Visionary Plan for India - A Tribute to Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahalad

Elamurugan. B, Lecturer
[May 7, 2010]

Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College, Perambalur

Article No. 1157 is temporarily blocked


Mantras of Management Success

Elamurugan. B, Lecturer
[May 3, 2010]

Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College, Perambalur

Article No. 1156 is temporarily blocked


Knowledge Management and Higher Education - An Interdependent Perspective

Vijit Chaturvedi, Asst. Professor
[May 3, 2010]

Lingaya's University, Faridabad


Strategic Budgetary Allocation and Economic Development (Budget: 2010-11)

Amiya K. Mohapatra, Faculty /
Surendra P Kothari, Faculty
[April 30, 2010]

ICFAI Business School, Jaipur /
SS Jain Subodh Commerce and Arts College, Jaipur


Customer Empowerment through Empowering Employees

Dr. Sudhanshu Singh, Faculty
[April 30, 2010]

United Institute of Management, Allahabad


Embedded System

Isha Budhiraja, Lecturer
[April 27, 2010]

K.R. Mangalam Institute of Management, New Delhi


Role of Emotions in Decision Making

Dr. Azra Ishrat, Asst. Professor
[April 20, 2010]

Amity Business School, Lucknow


Tagged World - Fantasy Or Reality? Trace 'U' Can

Ms. R. Seranmadevi, Lecturer
Dr. M. G.Saravanaraj, Professor/Head
[April 20, 2010]

CMS College Of Engineering, Namakkal / Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram


Indian Aviation Industry: Issues & Challenges

Neha Arora, Lecturer
Kamal Kant Bishnoi, Lecturer
Swati Atray, Lecturer  [April 20, 2010]

Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur


Strategies for Entrepreneurs during Economic Resurgence

Prof. C. Ramalingam, Professor
[April 20, 2010]

Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Thandalam


Reaping Benefits of Diversity: A Case study of an Outstanding Business School

Prof. G. Murali Krishna, Center Director
Dr. T. Thomas, Director (Academics)
[April 20, 2010]

IILM Business School, Hyderabad


Innovation in Business

Elamurugan. B, Lecturer
[April 17, 2010]

Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College, Perambalur

Article No. 1146 is temporarily blocked


Rectifying the Global Economic Imbalance

Dr. M.D. Baby, Reader & Head
[April 17, 2010]

St. Dominic's College, Department of Commerce, Kanjirappally


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in organizations

Shalini Srivastava,
Associate Professory  [April 8, 2010]

IILM-CMS, Greater Noida


Attrition Rate: Challenge before the Organisation

Randhir Kumar Singh,
Senior Lecturer  [April 8, 2010]

Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management & Res., Kanpur


HR Scorecard

Mr. Nimesh R. Vadhel, Faculty
[April 5, 2010]

Sarvoday Charitable M.B.A. College, Kakanpur


Technology Aided Change in Interest Calculation - A Bonanza for Savings Account Holders

Manisha Dimri, Lecturer
[April 5, 2010]

Doon Institute of Management and Research, Rishikesh


Global Warming - Largest Ever Threat to Human Kind

Elamurugan. B, Lecturer
[April 1, 2010]

Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College, Perambalur


Agro-Focused Strategy: The Budget Implications-2010-11

Amiya K. Mohapatra, Faculty /
Surendra P Kothari, Faculty
[March 19, 2010]

ICFAI Business School (IBS), Jaipur /
SS Jain Subodh Commerce and Arts College, Jaipur


"Rationale of Prepayment Penalties charged by Indian Banks on Loans"

Dr. Vikas Trivedi, Lecturer
[March 19, 2010]

CZ Patel College of Business and Management, Vallabh Vidyanagar


Knowledge Management in Indian Information Technology (IT) Organizations

Mr. P. Aranganathan, Asst. Professor /
Miss. J. Lakshmi, Lecturer
[March 19, 2010]

MIET Engineering College, Trichy / Bharathidasan University Constituent College, Orathanadu, Tanjavur Dt.


Emotion Management at the Workplace

Seema Gupta, Sr. Lecturer
[March 13, 2010]

Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow


Role of HR during Mergers and Acquisitions

Miss Vandana Mohanty, Lecturer
[March 11, 2010]

Rajdhani College of Engg and Management, Bhubaneswar


E-Commerce in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Threshold of Innovation

Shruti Pathak, Lecturer
[March 11, 2010]

Kedarnath Aggarwal Institute of Management


Hospital Management: Employee Perceptions about Organisational Justice

Sunayana Kumar, Lecturer /
Surendra Kumar , Reader /
Nisha Kala, Lecturer
[March 4, 2010]

Government Engineering College, Jhalawar / Rajasthan College of Engineering for Women, Jaipur / Jyoti Vidhyapeeth Women University, Jaipur

Article No. 1133 has been removed upon request of Author


Garden of Life: Governance of Governance

Sunil V. Chaudhary, Faculty
[March 4, 2010]

SEMCOM, V.V. Nagar


Privacy-Enhancing Technologies for Internet commerce

Shruti Pathak, Lecturer
[February 26, 2010]

Kedarnath Aggarwal Insitute of Management


A Touch of Human Face: Rail Budget 2010

Amiya K. Mohapatra, Faculty
[February 26, 2010]

ICFAI Business School, Jaipur


Rural Marketing: Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies

Kamal Kant Bishnoi, Lecturer /
Chetan Choudhary, Reader & HOD
[February 26, 2010]

Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur


Indian Retail Industry - Opportunities, Challenges, and Development Strategies:
A global scenario

K.K.Pandey, Lecturer
[February 24, 2010]

BBDNITM, Lucknow


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):
An Unique Business Strategy in Achieving Organizations' Excellence

P.Aranganathan, Asst. Professor
[February 24, 2010]

MIET Engineering College, Trichy


Change Management - An Overview

Mrs. S. Vishnuvarthani, Lecturer
[February 24, 2010]

Vellalar College for Women, Erode


Marketing Challenges in Small Tourism Enterprises

Surendra Kumar, Reader
Sunayana , Lecturer
[February 20, 2010]

Rajasthan College of Engineering for Women, Jaipur / Government Engineering College, Jhalawar


IPR as a Tool for Competitive Advantage with Special Reference to Indian Small and Medium Industries

Dr. Sudhindra Bhat, Internationally Acclaimed Professor, Researcher, Consultant and Corporate Trainer, Director-ABS  [February 20, 2010]



Achieving Excellence through Value Driven Management
Vehicle and Journey

Joe Marry George, Lecturer
[February 17, 2010]

SEMCOM College, V.V. Nagar


Quality Management in Education

Seema Gupta, Sr. Lecturer
[February 11, 2010]

Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow


The Essentials of Training and Development

Simeon S. Simon, Asst. Professor
[February 11, 2010]

Karunya University


Spiraling Prices of Pulses: The Stark Reality

Parul Kochher, Faculty
[February 11, 2010]

Institute of Agri-Business Management, Noida


Brand Management in Rural Markets

Nihar mohapatra, Lecturer /
Tapas Ranjan Moharana, Sr. Lecturer /
Dhananjay Beura, Asst. Professor
[February 11, 2010]

Global Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar


Exit Interviews: Open Acknowledgement by the Outgoing Employees

Dr. Lakshmi G, Sr. Faculty Member
[February 6, 2010]

ICFAI National College, Mysore


Mobile Wallet

Er Seema Garg
[February 6, 2010]

LM Thapar School of Management, Thapar University, Patiala


An Attempt towards Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Women in Rural India

Mrs. Shaili Vadera, Asst. Professor
[January 27, 2010]

Amity Business School,
Amity University, Lucknow


Garden of life: Beauty of speech

Sunil V. Chaudhary, Faculty
[January 27, 2010]

SEMCOM, V.V. Nagar


Corporate Social Responsibility - A Tool for Sustainable Business Development in Emerging Economies

Mrs. Shaili Vadera, Asst. Professor
[January 21, 2010]

Amity Business School, Amity University, Lucknow


Training Needs Assessment in Schools - What, Why, How?

Mrs. A.Hemamalini, Deputy Manager - Training  [Jan. 21, 2010]

Lakshmi Vidya Sangham


Changing Hiring Patterns: Post Recession : (An Employer and Employee's Perspective)

Mrs.Meenal Vasal, Faculty
[January 19, 2010]

International Business School, Kota


Title of Research topic: Understanding the rural and urban consumer

Mr. Sunil V. Chaudhary, Faculty
[January 19, 2010]

SEMCOM, V.V. Nagar


Why Mergers & Acquisition fail to deliver on the promised?

Vijay Prakash Gupta, Lecturer
[January 11, 2010]

CMD, Modinagar


Empowering the Girl Child - Let's get empowered

Prof. Jyothi Raghavan, Regional Director  [January 8, 2010]

Rai Business School, Hyderabad


Handling Conflict in Organization

Shruti, Lecturer
[January 5, 2010]

KAIM, Charki Dadri


Micro and Small Enterprises MSE: Progress, Problems and Prospects

Mr. J.R. Raiyani, Lecturer
[January 2, 2010]

Geetanjali College of Computer Science & Commerce, Rajkot


The Imperative of Internal Marketing

Prof. S. Durga Rao /
Praveen Kumar.S, Research Scholar
[January 2, 2010]

S.V. University, Tirupati


Performance Management: Researches and Process

Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahoo, Dean /
Chandrakanta Sahoo, Sr. Lecturer
[December 29, 2009]

S.C.S. (A) College, Puri / Bhubaneswar Institute of Management and Information Technology, Bhubaneswar


Fit42010: Achieving the Vision

Deepika Varshney, Faculty
[December 24, 2009]

DSPSR, Delhi


Inflation Accounting

Dr. Kirti Jain, Lecturer /
Vivek Gupta, Lecturer
[December 24, 2009]

R.B.S. College, Agra / INC, Agra


Impact of Terror Attacks on Indian Stock Prices

Poonam , Sr. Program Coordinator
[December 24, 2009]

All India Professional & Management Association


A case study on Titan

Rekha Dahiya, Faculty
[December 18, 2009]

DSPSR, Delhi


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