Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Editors : A Parasuraman, University of Miami
Quarterly : January, April, July, October

The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science is an international journal dedicated to enhancing the study and improvement of marketing. Founded and sponsored by The Academy of Marketing Science, the journal serves as a vital link between research and practice.

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Comprehensively covers, such areas as
Business-to-business, international marketing, marketing strategy, sales management, marketing management, organizational buying behavior, marketing theory and philosophy of marketing science.

Contains thought-provoking essays that extend the boundaries of the marketing discipline and challenge dominant, conceptual and methodological paradigms.

Advances your knowledge of the major substantive issues that affect the practice and theory of marketing.

Contains brief articles finely focused on specific marketing topics in the field.

Carries concise reviews of new and useful books and software for the marketing trade.


The Contingent Effect of Specific Asset Investments on Joint Action in Manufacturer-Supplier Relationship : An Empirical Test of the Moderating Role of Reciprocal Asset Investments, Uncertainty and Trust
Ashwin W. Joshi and Rodney L. Stump

The Link Between Attractiveness of  "Extrabrand" Attributes and the Adoption of Innovations
Thomas C. Boyd and Charlotte H. Mason

Managing Trade Promotions in the Context of Market Power
Jack J. Kasulis, Fred W. Morgan, David E. Griffith and James M. Kenderdine

Analyzing the Commitment-Loyalty Link in Service Contexts
Mark P. Pritchard, Mark E. Havitz and Dennis R. Howard

Experimentation in the 21st Century : The Importance of External Validity
Russell S. Winer

A Vision of Theory, Research and the Future of Business Schools
Bobby J. Calder and Alice M. Tybout

Theory and External Validity
John G. Lynch, Jr.

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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Editor : A Parasuraman, University of Miami

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