Journal of Marketing Education
Editors : Craig A. Kelley, California State University, Sacramento
Triannual : April, August, December

"The Journal of Marketing Education is a wonderful resource that provides outstanding value to business education. Each new issue provides many developmental insights, as well as action-oriented suggestions that are particularly helpful on a day-to-day basis."
Jeff S. Conant

Journal of Marketing Education

Provides you with the highest quality scholarship to keep you on top of this ever-changing discipline of marketing education.

Delivers articles that help you quickly and easily understand today's proven marketing ideas, tips, and teaching techniques.

Helps you explore the newest and most innovative marketing education concepts and theories relevant to the business world.

Publishes articles on the latest pedagogical techniques in marketing education; new course content; development of marketing curriculum; faculty development; the state of the profession; the use of technology; and, student learning and assessment.


The IEM Movie Box Office Market :  Integrating Marketing and Finance Using Electronic Markets
Thomas S. Gruca

Integrating Marketing Courses to Enhance Team-Based Experiential Learning
L. Michelle Bobbitt, Scott A. Inks, Katie J. Kemp and Donna T. Mayo

The Additive Effects of Semistructured Classroom Activities on Student Learning : An Application of Classroom-Based Experiential Learning Techniques
Lawrence O. Hamer

Experiential Learning Exercises in Services Marketing Courses
Dwayne D. Gremler, K. Douglas Hoffman, Susan M. Keaveney and Lauren K. Wright

Undergraduate Business Internships and Career Success : Are They Related?
Jack Gault, John Redington and Tammy Schlager

The Overseas Internship Experience
Mark F. Toncar and Brian V. Cudmore

A Theoretical and Practical Framework for Service-Learning in Marketing : Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle
Ed Petkus, Jr

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Journal of Marketing Education
Editor : Craig A. Kelley,
California State University, Sacramento

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