Journal of Service Research
Editor : Roland T. Rust, Vanderbilt University
Quarterly : August, November, February, May

"The Journal of Service Research has emerged as one of the top journals in the field. It is rigorous, well-balanced and topical and is attracting the leading scholars in the field of service research."
Adrian Payne

"The new Journal of Service Research offers 'one-stop shopping' for researchers interested in the latest ideas in service theory and practice. Its particular strength is its multidisciplinary orientation."
Mary C Gilly

Journal of Service Research

Aims to be the leading outlet for the most advanced research in service marketing, service operations, service human resources and organizational design, service information systems, customer satisfaction and service quality, electronic commerce, and the economics of commerce.

Is multidisciplinary, in keeping with how the best management is done.

Is relevant to the world of business to help business people cope with the increasingly service based economy.


The Impact of Long-Term Client Relationships on the Performance of Business Service Firms
Piyush Kumar

To Sell or Not to Sell : Determining the Trade-offs Between Service and Sales in Retail Banking Phone Centers
O. Zeynep Aksin and Patrick T. Harker

Combining Service and Sales at the Point of Customer Contact : Retail Banking Example
Kenneth R. Evans, Todd J. Arnond and John A. Grant

Role Stress in After-Sales Service Management
Martin Wetzels, Ko de Ruyter and Jos Lemmink

Switching Processes in Customer Relationship
Inger Roos

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Journal of Service Research
Editor :  Roland T. Rust, Vanderbilt University

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