Simulation & Gaming
An International Journal of Theory, Practice, and Research Journal of ABSEL, NASAGA, JASAG and ISAGA
Editor : David Crookall, University de Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Quarterly : March, June, September, December

For over 30 years Simulation & Gaming has served as a leading international forum for the study and discussion of simulation/gaming methodologies used in education, training, consultation, and research. The journal examines the methodologies and also explores their application to real-world problems and situations.

Simulation & Gaming

Covers topic areas such as sociology, psychology, management, economics, organization studies, international studies, decision making, and educational technologies.

Features a variety of sections as academic articles; conceptual papers; empirical studies; simulation/game reviews; reports and communications; book reviews; announcements; technical reports and announcements.

Frequently publishes single-theme special issues and special sections guest-edited by experts in the field.


Games as Teaching Tools for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Hyacinth Gaudart

As Teachers and Researchers, Where Do We Go From Here?
Jerry Gosen and John Washbush

The International Futures (Ifs) Modeling Project
Bary B. Hughes

With Appropriate Panache
Ken Jones

Institutionalizing Elegance : When Simulation Becomes a Requirement
Jerome A. Katz

The Teacher, the Learner, the Teacher, the Learner : And the Cycle Continues
John F. Lobuts, Jr. and Hamilton Beazley

Learning to Be Simple : My Odyssey With Games
Dennis L. Meadows

Thirty Years and More of Simulations and Game
David Millians

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Simulation & Gaming
Editor :  David Crookall, University de Nice-Sophia Antipolis

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