The Journal of Finance
Vol. 55
Contents for June 2000



Stewart C. Myers
Outside Equity

Katrina Ellis, Roni Michaely, and Maureen o'Hara
When the Underwriter Is the Market Maker : An Examination of Trading in the IPO Aftermarket

Reena Aggarwal
Stabilization Activities by Underwriters after Initial Public Offerings

Hsuan-Chi Chen and Jay R. Ritter
The Seven Percent Solution

Enrica Detragiache, Paolo Garella and Luigi Guiso
Multiple Versus Single Banking Relationship : Theory and Evidence

John Heaton and Deborah Lucas
Portfolio Choice and Asset Prices : The Importance of Entrepreneurial Risk

Robert M. Conroy, Kenneth M. Eades and Robert S. Harris
A Test of the Relative Pricing Effects of Dividends and Earning : Evidence from Simultaneous Announcements in Japan

Gabriel Perez-Quiros and Allan Timmermann
Firm Size and Cyclical Variations in Stock Returns

Campbell R. Harvey and Akhtar Siddique
Conditional Skewness in Asset Pricing Tests

Bryan R. Routledge, Duane J. Seppi and Chester S. Spatt
Equilibrium Forward Curves for Commodities

Shorter Papers

Charles Cao, Eric Ghysels and Frank Hatheway
Price Discovery Without Trading : Evidence from the Nasdaq Pre-opening

Eli Ofek and David Yermack
Taking Stock : Equity-Based Compensation and the Evolution of Managerial Ownership

Jeffrey L. Coles, Jose Suay and Denise Woodbury
Fund Advisor Compensation in Closed-End Funds

Mark Grinblatt and Francis A. Longstaff
Financial Innovation and the Role of Derivative Securities : An Empirical Analysis of the Treasury STRIPS Program

Frans A. De Roon, Theo E. Nijman and Chris Veld
Hedging Pressure Effects in Futures Markets

Kenneth A. Borokhovich, Robert J. Bricker and Betty J. Simkins
An Analysis of Finance Journal Impact Factors

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