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Editor: Dr. Vinnie Jauhari
Institute for International Management and Technology


The service sector is a dominant contributor to GDP of most developed and developing nations. A large segment of the population is involved in this sector for their livelihood. It is a requisite that focused academic attention is directed at it. This is an imperative if the sector has to grow in a planned manner in the future. The online economy or new age businesses, most of which are service companies, had started with great fanfare but the life cycle of the 'dotcom' companies, hordes of which have gone bust, have proven at least one thing amongst others – that, the business modelling of these companies were not thought out in their entirety and that the assumptions and benchmarks that were used in strategy formulation were faulty at best.

This is obviously going to be there when a sunrise sector opens up but the kind of chaos that it has led-to the world over, especially in the stock markets, indicates that the thinkers, researchers and analysts were not able to see through the consequences and were not able to provide guidelines and propose relevant business models. This is avoidable (if at all partially) only when there is a corpus of research and analytical work to base decisions upon or to at least lend some objectivity to decision making.

The Journal of Services Research is an effort in this direction to help build and document such a corpus by promoting researchers from India and abroad to focus on issues related to services management and provide well researched and tested benchmarks for industry, and also to provide new directions for further research.

Editorial Advisory Board

Abad Ahmed, Ex-Pro Vice Chancellor, Delhi University, Delhi, India (Chairman).
Angela Roper, Reader, SHRM, Oxford Brookes University, UK.
Bob Brotherton, Principal Lecturer, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, The Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
Brendan Barrett, Fellow, United Nations University, Tokyo.
Charla-Griffy Brown, Associate Professor, Decision & Information Systems. Director, Center for Innovation Business & Management Pepperdine University, USA.
Chihiro Watanabe, Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering & Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Senior Advisor to Director, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Vienna.
Conrad Lashley, Professor, Chair in Hospitality Retailing, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Leeds Metropolitan University.
David Boje, Editor, Academy of Management Review, University at Solano, New Mexico.
Dennis Reynolds, Professor, Hospitality Business Management, Washington State University, College of Business and Economics, WA.
H.G. Parsa, Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator, Hospitality Management, The Ohio State University, Ohio. Editor, Journal of Foodservice Business Research (JFBR).
Jay Kandampully, Editor Managing Service Quality, Professor, Ohio State University, Ohio.
Julio O. DeCastro, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.
Kamlesh Misra, Professor and Director, IIMT, Gurgaon, India.
Klaus Macharzina, Editor, Managment International Review, Germany.
Mahmood Khan, Professor, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Pamplin College of Business, USA.
M.S. Verma, Reader, Delhi University, India.
Michael D. Olsen, Professor, Hospitality Strategy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, USA.
M.L.Agrawal, Professor, Marketing, Orfalea College of Business, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.
Peter O'Connor, Associate Professor, Hospitality Information Technology, IMHI (Cornell - ESSEC), France.
Richard C. Leventhal, Editor, The Journal of Consumer Marketing, Colorado, USA.
Richard Teare, Professional & Academic Chairman, International Management Centres Association; Principal & Professor, University of Action Learning at Boulder, USA.
Radesh Palakurthi , Professor, San Jose State University, San Jose.
S.K. Kuthiala, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
Shyam S. Lodha, Professor of Marketing and International Business, Chair, Department of Marketing, School of Business, Southern Connecticut State University, Connecticut.
Tom Redman, Editor, Personnel Review, Business School, University of Durham.
Wesley Johnston, Professor and Director, Centre for Business and Industrial Marketing, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA, Editor, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

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