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Press Release

  • "The increasing number of CAT applicants has placed a severe strain on the administrative system of IIMs to conduct CAT in its existing format"
  • CAT will be a CBT (Computer based test) from 2009
  • Will be conducted in a window of 'about' 10 days at the end of the calendar year
  • Candidate friendly test
  • Prometric ETS is the partner
  • Further details will be available in the bulletin to be released around July
  • Please refer to the Economic Times newspaper of 28th April (Page 6) for the full article


  • What is the CBT CAT?
  • CBT stands for Computer Based Test. The IIMs have announced that CAT2009 will be a CBT i.e. a Computer Based Test.

  • What is the difference between an Online test and a CBT?

    An Online Test is one where an internet connection is required to take the test whereas a CBT is a test taken on a computer. An example of a CBT could be a test taken on a CD using a computer. However the terms Online and CBT are often used interchangeably to describe tests taken on a computer. Infact throughout this FAQ note we will use these terms interchangeably
  • Is it mandatory that I take the online test?

    YES it is mandatory to take the CBT/Online CAT!!
  • Is there no way that I can write CAT 09 in the Paper & pencil mode?
    • Since CAT 2009 is an online/CBT exam, there is no option of writing a n offline version of the exam
    • So you have to prepare for the online test
  • What is the number of days over which CBT CAT will be conducted?
    • As per the IIMs, CAT will be conducted in a period of about 10 days
    • The IIMs have not clearly specified the test dates which is expected to be released in the bulletin
  • What is the likely format of the Online/CBT CAT?
  • The Online/CBT CAT can be one of several possible formats. Two of the more popular formats are

    • Linear Test where either the entire section is visible on screen in a scrollable format or one question appears on the screen at a time
    • Computer Adaptive Test where one has to answer every question to get the next one as the correctness of the response to a question determines the next question
  • Do I have to answer every question in the CBT CAT / Can I skip questions in the Online CAT?
    • In a Computer Adaptive Test, you have to answer every question to get the next one hence it is NOT possible to skip any question
    • In a Linear Test, there could be a possibility of skipping questions
      • The IIMs have not given any indication at present as to whether the test will be Computer Adaptive or Linear.
  • Can I review my answers?
    • If the test is a linear one then students might be allowed to check and review answers before submitting them
    • In case the test is an Adaptive test then there would be no possibility of a review







Source: time4education.com
(T.I.M.E. is India's Leading MBA Entrance Training Institute)

published on IndianMBA.com on June 5, 2009


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