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A recession proof career: MBA with SAP education

If primary education is a fundamental need of every individual higher education is a prerequisite for better future. Higher education has been regulated in our country for long and in this scenario, what we get in the name of higher education is a deep hole in our pockets. Challenging this is Prof. Mohit Shah, Director and Senior Vice President, Cosmic Business School with over 16 years of experience in the industry and academics spoke to CSR on a topic how you can  get a recession proof career in today's scenario, Excerpt:

There is an unprecedented competition in the marketplace today. The need to understand consumer desires and cater to them has become the norm for existence and survival in business. Thus, the necessity for enterprising managers with a global vision arises.  Management education received a great boost in this recession era of corporate world.

MBA is the culmination of various fields which together forms the crust of management. MBA helps in acquiring the wide range of people skills and perfect set of management skills besides developing your thought processes.

As SAP is the worlds leading provider of business software (ERP), SAP delivers products and services that help accelerate business innovation of an organization. SAP Education is #4 in the worldwide IT training and train more than 200000 learners. Today more than 75000 customers in more than 120 countries run SAP applications from distinct solutions addressing the needs of small businesses and midsize companies to suite offerings for global organizations.
As for a career in SAP along with management, even during the worst economic times, SAP jobs paid the best within the industry.

Q. Why did you think of a starting a Business School?

Prof Mohit Shah: We studied the education market for some time and we found besides a few quality institutions there is a huge gap in the demand and supply in the education segment. If we leave a few institutes of national importance what we are left with is high priced institutions around us which are unaffordable for most students in our country. Even as these institutes are charging high fees they are not even providing students with quality education. They are charging anything between 5-12 lakhs which cannot be justified.

Q. Tell me something about Cosmic Business School?

Prof. Mohit Shah: It is school for those who dare to dream, for those who think that money is a constraint in their higher education. We are providing MBA at just 4.5 lakh and also have loan facility.

Coming to the objective of COSMIC BUSINESS SCHOOL, we develop managers who can engineer and act ethically in complex business environment. We are practice campus i.e., we use our student as a team employee. Thus, they are trained within the campus before they are ready to face the actual world.

Q. Could you explain, what is a practice campus?

Prof. Mohit Shah: Well, if we look at the way we train our students then I would say it is a process and we have a team of professional who help us in this. The first two semesters are the same for everyone in which we teach the classroom basis like the concepts of marketing etc.

We have a faculty with industry experience thus after the theory classes we set our students with tasks which gives them real time training. For example we incorporate our own students for the work done on the campus like admission process and the marketing process and then depending on the work done by the student we give them a stipend of Rs. 200-600, which also helps them financially.

If w divide the practice at COSMIC BUSINESS SCHOOL we can say that all the modules that are delivered are as follows 70% Development Analytical skills; 40% understanding the theoretical concepts; 30% application of theory in case study; 30% logical analysis; 15% communication skills; 15% problem solving.

Q. How many students do you have at present?

Prof. Mohit Shah: We have 600 students at our two campuses.

Q. You charge so less fees then how are you able to get good faculty?

Prof. Mohit Shah: Well, we are an institute under the Maharishi Movement and education is not a business for us. As Maharishi movement is a big organization we get the best faculty through them. Also a large number of our faculty is derived from industry and have huge experience which they share with the students.

Q. What has been your placement this year as it has been bad for most institutions?

Prof. Mohit Shah: Our placement till now has been pretty good and is still going on. Also many of our students are placed within our own Maharishi Group of Industries. And I can also tell you that feedbacks which we have got from our previous batches is that our students are among the most hard working in the market.

Q. Why should a student study at Cosmic Business School?

Prof. Mohit Shah: The only reason I would say is that this year we are providing our students with MBA(2 Years) + PGPM (11 Months) + PGCM(1 Yr) + SAP. We are recognized by AIMA and have a tie up to provide SAP training which will turn out to be a very big plus for the students who study for our college. I can guarantee that the students who take SAP training will get a 20% more salary compared to their counterparts and above all this is all incorporated in our course of two years.

Q. How quadra certification programme is different than any other management programme.

Prof. Mohit Shah: Quadra Programme designed by us to provide students; both a portfolio of strong functional skills and the ability to apply adapt and integrate those skills into different management settings. While the curriculum provides grounding in traditional disciplines, the educational process, with its emphasis on new strategy and managerial skills, develops the skills for problem solving, decision-making, and leadership of complex organizations. Accepting this fact that in today's competitive market, Companies are also looking forward for the professional who are multi tasker, individuals who posses essential business and technological skills enjoy a significant advantage in this kind of environment. SAP is the global leader in providing ERP Solution to corporate. We are providing the training of SAP in the functional areas by which they will get the better job opportunities and also the SAP with MBA jobs paid the best in the industry. We are associated with SAP as Education partner in India to give this training to our students.

Q. What is the relevance of SAP at COSMIC BUSINESS SCHOOL?

Prof. Mohit Shah: Well, globally there will be a requirement of 50,000 SAP consultants by 2010, To prepare the foundation of tomorrow Cosmic Business School now offers an opportunity to the students. SAP is one of the top brands globally with 65% market share in ERP sector. Thus, looking at the huge employment opportunity we are introducing this as an added advantage to our students.

Q. What is ERP?

Prof. Mohit Shah: ERP is a way to integrate the data and process of an organization into one single system. ERP's main goal is to integrate data and processes from all areas of an organization and unify it for easy access and work flow. ERP,s usually accomplish integration by creating one single database that employs multiple software modules providing different areas of an organization with various business functions.

Interviewee Background

Prof Mohit Shah,
MBA; PGDIT, FDP (IIM-Kozikode),
Director and Senior Vice President- Cosmic Business School
Over 16 years of working experience in the field of Marketing, Business Development and Communications. Worked with organisations like IIS Infotech Ltd., also known as Xansa Pls and now known as Steria Ltd, Turner Morrison Group, McCann Erickson etc., successfully launched education brands like, IIS Websity, Y2K Technology Centre, eAcademy, Picasso Animation College and Cosmic Business School.

Source: By E-mail

published on on July 11, 2009


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