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RIMS invites program for working, mid-career professionals, entrepreneurs, self employed or enthusiasts for management studies. Our program operates on a full cost recovery basis delivering highly intense courses that allow participants to apply concepts and skills to management situations across various sectors, that combine electronic coursework and learning management platform.

For more than forty years, MS Ramaiah Institution pioneered private education in India and been a major force in inspiring and developing a thorough breed professionalism, setting benchmarks in management studies.

Today, the challenges are more prominent and intense, the need of human capital is magnifying across the sphere of economics and the need of business leadership is more than ever.

We are constantly enduring the change and the reflection of our established track record building these skills are specific towards a solid grasp of management fundamentals. We introduce to bridge the basics to the real world of solid leadership foundation with the overwhelming use of learning management tools and technology with our flexible, adaptable and self sustaining model in Online education.

Call us on it at RIMS for our program of MBA Online Management Studies.


The decision to pursue an Online MBA could not be made at a better time. Employers today are demanding more education from their employees than ever before. An accredited online MBA degree will carry significant value in any organization's hiring and career advancement decisions. Plus, there is a direct correlation between higher salaries and earning and MBA.

In difficult economic times, going back to school to build new skills -- and make you more attractive to future employers -- becomes extremely popular, even for people with full-time jobs. MBAs are especially popular since the degree is usually meant to prepare someone for more advanced, leadership roles in business, entrepreneurship, or even government. But is an MBA degree worth the extra years of schooling -- especially when you could be spending that time working full-time?

At first glance, the numbers indicate that the answer is a definite yes. A recent survey of accounting/financial workers of varying skill and seniority levels found that CFOs with a Bachelors Degree earn one third of MBAs earn. The return on investment for an MBA certainly a worthwhile. Some studies indicate the MBAs earn up to 145% more over their lifetime than a regular degree holders. So getting your MBA is certainly economical.




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published on on August 13, 2009


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