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 a journey in
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 20th March 2010

  Rama Watumull Auditorium,
  KC College, Dinshaw Wacha Road,
  Churchgate, Mumbai 400020

Education, pedagogy, curriculum and its structure have been hot topics for discussion in India over the last few years. No one can deny the leading role higher education has played in shaping Indian destiny. Whether it's the growth of India as an IT superpower, or giving birth to outsourcing as an industry, education has been the forte that has helped our GDP growth over the last couple of decades. Our growth has been recession proof largely due to its bedrock in services that supports the growing needs of human population across the globe in a knowledge economy.

The emerging thought is that while higher education in its current avatar has taken us this far, there is need to revamp it so that it can deliver tomorrows leaders. Therefore, is "Liberal Education" the answer to pattern our education system on?

As we all know Liberal Education based pedagogy has delivered outstanding thinkers, inventors, administrators and leaders in every facet of life since renaissance to modern day economies. With a holistic personality and character development focus, Liberal Education develops well rounded, thinking individuals in contrast to the unidirectional specialists the current education system develops. How therefore can we pattern it and structure it to suit the unique needs of modern day India is a thought that FLAME as an institution is trying to bring fore as a public debate with this forum.

This event is a small step by FLAME to initiate this public platform for discussion amongst academicians, educationists, social leaders, forward thinking parents and students to help foster emergent thinking in the area of college education.

 About FLAME, Pune
 Foundation for Liberal And Management Education (FLAME), Pune

FLAME (Foundation for Liberal And Management Education) was founded in 2004, by Nemish Shah and Parag Shah with a desire to give something back to society. The concept of an undergraduate school of liberal education, a school of business and a school of communication emerged after discussions on the lacunae in the current education system with intellectuals, students and heads of educational institutions.

FLAME School of Business and Communication was started in 1997 with a main aim to develop committed and responsible executives and leaders who will respond effectively to the fast changing world.

The mandate that emerged for FLAME was very clear :

  • To offer a flexible pattern of education that encourages interdisciplinary studies.
  • To give students a broad and diverse view of the world as opposed to a narrow and  specialized one.
  • To nurture individual abilities and develop skills needed to be good team players and leaders of organizations, societies and nations.
  • To encourage students to take up research.
  • To blend traditional values with liberal education and revive the "Guru-Shishya" ethos by having an active mentorship program

 What does it mean 'to be educated'?
 Is it just the acquisition of a degree. . .
 Is it an awareness?

Education must provide tools that help students to constantly enquire, explore, discover. . .  new ways of thinking, critically analyzing, creatively conceptualizing. . . The idea behind FLAME is to help students free themselves from the traditional ways of looking at things and instead to constantly question and challenge themselves, society and the world at large.

 Liberal Education :

Liberal education is a journey into the realms of knowledge, social awareness, personal development, and individual well-being. It nurtures and fosters individuals, who are grounded in values and ethics, and their ability to experience the world from a richer perspective. It sets free those who have the capacity for lifelong learning, are culturally and socially aware, and have invaluable employability skills.

FLAME school of business (FSB) and FLAME school of communication (FSC) are anchored in the concept of liberal education and AICTE approved.

 PGDM Core (Business Management):

FSB covers all areas in management sciences such as marketing, finance, organizational behaviour, business policy, production and quantitative methods, and information technology. In addition, it covers areas in humanities, social sciences, foreign languages, creative arts and sports for a genuinely well rounded and wholesome development of students. FLAME school of business is headed by Prof. Prakash Shingi (Former Dean IIM-A) as its Dean.

 PGDM Communication:

Communication plays a critical role in all spheres of human endeavour. It is also one of the fastest growing industries in India and the world. FLAME school of communication (FSC), under the guidance of Prof. Achyut Vaze (Former Director-MET), the Dean, has been set up to meet the long-felt need for providing high quality education in the art and business of communication. The School offers options for studying filmmaking, television, advertising, journalism, and new media. The courses cover creative and technical aspects as well as business and management aspects of the industry. The pedagogy focuses on hands-on project work besides classroom instruction from practitioners in the field. Given the rapid growth, increasing corporatization and technological revolution taking place in media industries, career prospects in this field are very bright.

 Great Learning Environment:

* 75 acre campus in a picturesque green valley near Pune.
* State-of-art library and WiFi environment.
* World-class sports facilities, auditoria, studios.
* Study options in humanities and creative
* Experiential labs, life-skill workshops, theatre, film-club.
* Active mentorship and counseling
* Strong placement support and entrepreneurship guidance.
* Provision for funding deserving students.

 Faculty led by :

Prof. Indira Parikh (former Dean IIMA) Founder President
Prof. Prakash Shingi (former Dean IIMA) Dean FSB
Prof. Achyut Vaze (former Director MET Institute of Mass Media) Dean FSC

with 15 other professors from IIMs and many practicing professionals from industry.

"Yatra A Journey in Liberal Education" event is a small step by FLAME to initiate a public platform for discussion amongst academicians, educationists, social leaders, forward thinking parents and students to help foster emergent thinking in the area of college education.

We will be honored by your presence and contribution in shaping this thought and will like to thank you for making time for such a serious activity that's going to impact careers of young Indians.

YATRA event is scheduled on 20th march 2010 at KC College Auditorium in Mumbai

Rama Watumull Auditorium,
KC College, Dinshaw Wacha Road,
Churchgate, Mumbai 400020

Date: 20th March 2010

Contact :
FLAME Campus:
Gat No. 1270, Village Lavle, Taluka Mulshi, Pune 411 042
SMS: FLAME to 56363

For more details visit :
http://www.flame.edu.in/index.php/campus-buzz/events/412-yatra-a-journey- in-liberal-education.html

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published on IndianMBA.com on February 27, 2010

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