5th International Conference on
Services Management
May 19-21, 2011, Radisson Hotel, New Delhi

Technology, Internationalization and Customer Experiences

Hosted by:
Institute for International Management and Technology, New Delhi

Organized by:
Institute for International Management and Technology (India)
Penn State School of Hospitality Management (USA)
Oxford Brookes University Business School (UK)

This conference attempts to explore the influence of technology on the management of services across various segments such as information technology, healthcare, hospitality, telecom, education, infrastructure, retailing, and logistics among others. It also assesses how technology drives internationalization and also contributes to superior customer experience.

Papers are invited on the following areas:

1. Globalization challenges and response of service industry  
across different sectors such as hospitality, education, information technology, finance, healthcare, retailing, telecommunication. This track addresses the following themes:

* What are the challenges faced by services in light of globalization?
* How is technology driving the competitiveness for the services firms?
* Is technology a key enabler for international expansion for service firms?
* What are the challenges in managing technology when globalizing the operations of a service firm?
* How can technology connect global consumers?
* Is technology driving towards mass consumption or customization?
* Internationalization, consumer expectations and consumer experiences

2. Competitiveness and Internationalization of Service Industry

There are numerous sources of competitive advantage- branding, human resources, financial, supply chain, service processes and their sustainability across sectors such as hospitality, information technology, education, information technology, healthcare. Retailing, telecommunication, finance. This track invites papers in the following areas:

* Technology- driven  service competitiveness
* Public and private partnership in services sector
* Financing the new service businesses challenges and opportunities, policy implication and lessons from  global success
* Internationalization of services
* Quality and customer-orientation in service competitiveness
* Low cost and high cost  strategy in services
* Firm-level and sector studies on service competitiveness and growth
* Internationalization of R&D
* Outsourcing of Services
* R&D and competitive advantage
* New service business and consumer experience

3. Technology and Emergence of new service business models:

Technology is emerging as new driver for emergence new businesses in areas such as internet, finance, information technology. Papers are invited in the  following areas: 

* Consumer experience and new technologies
* Open source communities
* Technology communities and emergence of new business models Cloud computing, human computer interface, D-Space, Gelato, Linux etc.
* Commercial models around new business
* Driven by IT and value added services
* Infrastructure projects
* Franchising, licensing, mergers and acquisitions

Papers are welcome across IT, services, hospitality, healthcare management and other service sectors.

4. Building competencies for growth in services industry- The papers are invited across various service segments such as IT, hospitality, healthcare, telecom, finance, infrastructure etc. The education and R&D ecosystem plays a very important role in influencing the competencies of the work force which eventually is deployed by the industry. A key responsibility of the education ecosystem is to create a workforce which has the requisite skills, knowledge and competencies to excel and be entrepreneurial and innovative. The papers are invited in the following areas:

* Excellence in education/ universities, hospitality, engineering, bio-services, management, entrepreneurship
* Skill development across various service systems such a hospitality, retailing, telecommunication.
* Curriculum development
* Building University- Industry partnership
* Building research competencies
* Impact of competencies on consumer experience
* Competencies and business profitability

5. Corporate initiatives on innovation for growth:

Innovation plays a key role for long term growth of an organization. In light of increasing pressures and uncertainty for business firms, how should firms innovate and what should be its manifestation and what are the critical elements which ensure investments in innovation. Papers are invited on the following themes:

* How are services firms innovating?
* What are the support mechanisms for innovation by the service firms?
* What are the impediments for the service firms in their pursuit of innovation?
* Best practices in innovation by the service firms.
* Innovation and consumer experience

Papers are invited for innovations across management areas such as marketing, finance, HR, strategy across sectors such as hospitality, IT, retailing, healthcare, telecommunications, finance, infrastructure.

6 Marketing in services industry- Papers are invited on new initiatives by service firms in CRM, customer experiences, excellence in branding positioning and ethical marketing investments. Cases from across various service segments such as information technology, hospitality, healthcare, retailing, finance are welcome.

7. Benchmarking best practices across different areas in service firms.


Researchers are welcome to come up with proposals for conducting workshops jointly with organizers prior to the conference date. These could be a one day workshop across various areas. Please send your proposal by Aug.16th, 2010. These could be related to the themes in the conference or around other related areas as well across various segments.

IIMT will help in marketing the same to possible participants. These could be for doctoral workshops, curriculum development, for industry segments. Please send in your thoughts and plans for the same.

Call for Papers:

Submission of Abstract

Please submit the abstracts of about 200 words with the following headings as per the timelines mentioned earlier:
Objective 2-3 lines
Methodology/Approach- 3 to 4 lines
Major findings -3 lines
Conclusions- 3 lines
Implications -2 lines
Target audience:  2 lines
4-5 References in Harvard Referencing Style

Submission of Paper

Papers are invited on the above listed themes. The   papers   may   be in the form of empirical research, theoretical models based on extensive research, case studies, documentation of best practices among other aspects. Papers are invited both from practioners and academics. Paper must be submitted in the MS Word format as an email attachment. The paper should not be more than 5000 words. The abstract should be about 200-250 words. Please follow Harvard referencing style for the paper. All papers will go through a blind review process and feedback will be shared with contributors. Author guidelines are available on conference website

Send your abstract and Paper submissions at the following address as an e-mail attachment. Please indicate the track for which you are sending the submission.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission: Aug. 16, 2010
Paper submission: Dec.  15, 2010


Some of the following journals will consider papers for publication:

1. Journal of Services Research
2. Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economies
3. Journal of International Contemporary Hospitality Management
(Subject to Confirmation)

All shortlisted conference papers will be published in the proceedings. However, authors of shortlisted papers should present the paper at the conference.


Outstanding paper awards will be given across various tracks.


                        INDIA   INTERNATIONAL
Individual          Rs.7500              USD 250
Students          Rs.3000               USD 150
Corporate         Rs.8500               USD 300

                       INDIA    INTERNATIONAL
Early Bird Fees (Before 28th Feb.2011)
Individual          Rs.6500               USD 200
Corporate          Rs.7500              USD 250

* For early bird registration, please register before February 28 th, 2011.
* For paper to be included in the proceedings, please register before
February 28th, 2011.
* Registration closes April 10th, 2011
* Fees would include conference proceedings, lunch on both the days.


Conference Chairs:
Prof. Vinnie Jauhari,
Institute for International Management & Technology, India

Conference Co-Chairs:
Prof. Arun Upneja,
Associate Professor
School of Hospitality Management
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Prof. David Cranage
Associate Professor
School of Hospitality Management
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Prof. Levent Altiney
Business School
Oxford Brookes University, UK

Conference Secretary:
Prof.Gunjan Sanjeev
Head- New Post Graduate Programs & Industry Programs
Institute for International Management & Technology, India

Conference Coordinator:
Mr. Ashok Kumar Sahu
Senior Librarian
Institute for International Management & Technology

For more information, please contact:
The Conference Coordinator,
Institute for International Management and Technology
336, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IV, Gurgaon - 122001 (India)
Ph: +91-124-4787111, Fax: +91+124+2397288

Source: By E-mail (April 7, 2010)

Published on IndianMBA.com on April 8, 2010


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