CAT 2010: Dos and Don'ts for Test Day
Vinayak Kudva, IMS Learning Resources

You have reached the final lap in the race to CAT 2010 and we are sure you have put in a lot of effort. At this time, it would be natural for you to be a little anxious about the test. Do not let this anxiety lead to distress but let it serve as a motivator to keep your performance levels high on the big day.

You need to stay focussed and confident at this point of time.

24 hours before the test :

* Stop studying. Just revise some few concepts or formulae, make mental maps of important strategies that you have used during test preparation. Do not study anything new.

* Relax with friends or watch a movie on the day before the test.

* Ensure that you get a good night's sleep on the eve of the test.

* Be positive and confident.

* Ensure that you read the test rules and regulations and are aware of what can be carried into the test venue.

* Do not forget to carry your Admit Card, photo id proof and stationery.

* Ensure that you reach the test venue ahead of time. Be there early, with plenty of time to relax and get used to your surroundings.

* At the venue try not to discuss the test too much with your friends. Avoid questions about what you have studied and what you haven't. Do not speculate about question types.

* Meditate for a bit and believe you are going to ace the CAT.

* Ensure that you find your test centre in advance.

During the test :

* Solve the test with 100 per cent concentration and ensure that you read the questions and directions carefully.

* Do not pay attention to what others are doing in the room. Ignore comments about the test.

* Get into warrior mode, do not miss on the familiar questions, ensure that you do not waste time unnecessarily. Do not be complacent in your approach.

* Be positive. There are enough questions in the test that can be attempted correctly. That will definitely fetch you a call. Do not make silly mistakes due to over-confidence.

* Do not think negative. What will happen if I don't do well? What if there are technical errors? Just manage time and try answering the questions accurately.

* Ensure that you do justice to all the sections in the test. Make sure you have tackled all questions related to your strengths first.

* Do not resort to copying or any unfair means during the test.

* Keep a water bottle with you if the centre allows it.


Published on on October 25, 2010


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