International Conference 2011 at IBA, Greater Noida
on "India Emerging: Opportunities and Challenges" on 25th & 26th Feb, 2011

IBA-Greater Noida's upcoming International Conference on "India Emerging: Opportunities and Challenges on 25th & 26th Feb, 2011 focus on the technology driven society and its virtuous impact on Emerging India. India is poised for a rapid all round growth be it economic, social or technological. The biggest challenge before India now is to manage this growth effectively and also integrate with the global economy smoothly. For this we need to develop new business models and strategies. At the same time it is equally important to study the impact of these changes on business, Government and Society. We need to manage our specific competencies and unique human capital in the areas of science, engineering, IT, social sciences and management. We also need to study the support needed in the form of policy initiatives by the Government and corporate bodies in developing vital resources like energy, Technology and infrastructure.Its theme varies from Panhmukhi Vikas, Barriers to development to Indian Economy and Emerging issues to Managers.
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Published on on January 18, 2011


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