International Conference 2011 at IBA, Bangalore
on "Evolving Frontiers in Business Government - Nation Interfaces" on 10th-12th March, 2011

IBA-Bangalore's upcoming International Conference on "Evolving Frontiers in Business-Government-Nation Interfaces" on 10th-12th March, 2011 has given the thinkers a wider perspective to think on. Experiences of Globalization have created some side effects. Though the world poised for an economic recovery, the subterranean pressures and turbulences continue to rock the society. Challenges from Naxalites to Terrorists to Cyber Terrorists have confronted our policy makers. Business firms cannot remain immune to it. Further in the era of the shrinking State, corporate hegemony marches forward and has implication for emerging economies. TRIPS agreement, ever increasing sweat shops stand as examples to this.  The counter reactions from the society have resulted in violent manifestations like in Nandigram and Kalinga Nagar etc. At the same time, the rise of click and mortar models seem to replace traditional business models. Capillary action models, Peer production like Wikipedia, open business models all unheard few years before now present new opportunities.The themes covers the aspect of all domains be it Age of Social Turbulence, Management involed in it, Governence Models for Aspirational India and India Ascendant: Model of Soft Power. more details on

Source: By E-mail (December 31, 2010)

Published on on January 28, 2011


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