Miffed over corruption, Jodhpur educationist
goes the Anna way

Source: Bhaskar News | Last Updated 07:17(13/04/11)

Jodhpur: The Anna effect seems to have started showing colours. Seemingly inspired by social activist Anna Hazares fast-unto-death, a local educationist has threatened to sit on hunger strike against alleged rampant corruption and red-tapism in government machinery.

Varun Arya, Director of the city-based Aravali Management Institute, has alleged that he had been asked to pay bribe to get approval for land to establish a professional college.

Speaking at a press conference, Arya said that he wanted to establish a world-class educational institute in Kaaprada area for the benefit of local youth but his ambitious project allegedly got stuck due to widespread corruption and red-tapism in state machinery.

A miffed Arya has threatened to sit on a fast-unto-death ad Delhis Jantar Mantar, the centerpoint of Anna Hazares campaign, if his demand of a fair treatment is not met soon.

Source: By E-mail (April 15, 2011)

Published on IndianMBA.com on April 15, 2011


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