Want to be heard?
Come and join us for World Complaints Day!
A pioneering initiative by
Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research

Not happy with the customer service of your bank or insurance firm? Tired of fighting with your mobile service provider on billing issues? Jaded with the education system in India? Given up on the way government offices function? Or just did not get the dish you actually ordered?

Here is a platform for you to come and pour your heart out. The basic issue of not being heard is addressed by the website called www.brandabrand.com. WeSchool believes "Today's Pain Points are tomorrow's Opportunities", so the very first step is bringing these 'pain points' to the forefront.  World Complaint's Day on February 24, 2013 is expected to create ripples in the society by acting as platform to voice the complaints for everybody and anybody.

Practicing its belief in innovation and creativity, WeSchool has come up with an extraordinary idea to launch 'World Complaints Day'. Brandabrand.com will be a tool to help people funnel their grievance in the right direction where it will be heard on World Complaints Day or any other day.

Answering one of the fundamental problem of not being heard,
www.brandabrand.com, is like a wakeup call to all those, who haven't been listening to their customers. A product, service or brand, anything can be complained about at www.brandabrand.com. This unique initiative by WeSchool's is aimed at highlighting the problems faced by Indians across the country and to find a workable solution for it, through collaborative effort.

So we welcome you to join for free and experience the happiness of being heard at a public platform.

World Complaints Day is part of WeSchool's management festival, 'wedvaan', 'The Thought Leaders Conclave at WeSchool, Feb 22-24, 2013.

About WeSchool

Established in 1977, Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool) features among the premier Business Schools in India. Run by charitable Trust S.P. Mandali, Pune, all across the state of Maharashtra, WeSchool is ranked 10th among the top private B-Schools, 8th in international linkages by Forbes India in their best Business School survey in July 2011 and ranked 16th in Economic Times - India Inc's Preferred B Schools survey 2011.

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