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SSIM and e-Merchant Digital Solutions collaborate to offer Digital Marketing Curriculum in Management Education and Stand alone courses as well

"If you are out of Google, you are out of business": Shakir Ali,
e Merchant Digital

Hyderabad, January 21.. S.P Sampathy's Siva Sivani Institute of Management (SSIM) promoted by the Siva Sivani Group of Educational Institutions, which has been running renowned Siva Sivani Public Schools for more than four decades Collaborate with e-Merchant Digital Solutions to offer Digital Marketing Curriculum in Management Education and Stand alone courses as well.

The two organizations SSIM and e-Merchant Digital entered a MoU(Memorandum of Understanding) towards this effect today at a function held at Siva Sivani Institute of Management. And a joint press conference was addressed by Mr. Sailesh Sampathy, Vice President, SSIM (Siva Sivani Institute of Management) and Mr. Shakir Ali, Founder & CEO of E-Merchant Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Shakir Ali said "If you are out of Google, you are out of business".   Along with Roti, Kapda, Makan, bandwidth(Internet Connectivity) has become very important. We cant imagine business life without internet.  So our future management students must be equipped with such curriculum, he said.

SSIM and e Merchant Digital are the first among many colleges offering management curriculum to introduce Digital Marketing and e Commerce.  There is a lot of gap in present management education and through these courses we would like to fill those gaps said Prof. V.G. Chari of the college.

The rise of digital technologies changed the whole marketing.  Marketers today face constant proliferation of Digital and Social Media Channels, the growing power of the connected customers and explosion of new digital tools.  To succeed in such a complex markets, marketers must be able to understand, plan, implement, measure the impact of digital strategies. The Digital Marketing course takes a holistic view of digital marketing, whilst really focusing on the more quantitative and data-driven aspects of contemporary marketing. The course will develop future ready management graduates informed Mr.Sailesh Sampathy while addressing the media.

The objective of the program is to help future managers understand the complex world of digital marketing, aware and apply the right  technical skills to engage and develop relationships with customer and use analytic and reporting tools to synthesize data informed Shakir Ali.

An PGDM with Digital Marketing program is a relatively new and not heard much about it in the past.  This is probably only management Institution offering Digital Marketing Curriculum with Industry Certification (like Google) along with the changing times to develop future ready management graduates.  It is undisputable fact that digital marketing has changed business canvass in the globe with so many e-commerce giants such as,,,, and many more.  Pin to pen to plane everything is available at the doorsteps of the customers.  With digitization of marketplace and changing needs, where people will compare, download their products instead of visiting stores in future, digital marketing will change the way goods are procured and marketed. With this light of background the new curriculum is the need of the hour informed both the speakers.

As per the agreement SSIM-eMerchant Digital Centre will be established.  The complete physical, technology infrastructure, program level and institutional level support will be provided the SSIM. Whereas eMerchant Digital will deliver programs, provide Brand, Intellectual Property Rights and Copy Rights, Curriculum Design, Course Material Preparation etc. Shall make available Google, HP, HubSpot, Ni-MSME, SSIM, AITO certifications to the students of the center.

The programs will be open to undergrads, graduates and working professionals. Courses offered include Certificate in Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Web Analytics. These are courses of 3 months duration.  Medium courses in same subjects wil be for six months duration. Besides these, a one year PG Diploma in Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Web Analytics will also be offered.  The  two months industry certification courses include Google AdWords, Analytics, Bing Ads Accredited Professiional Certification and DoubleClick Fundamentals etc.

SSIM also entered an agreement with Jindok India Group to create a Net Zero Carbon Emissions Area with Net Zero Invement.  This agreement was signed between Sailesh Sampathy of SSIM and Mr. Suter DuBose, MD of Jindok India Group.  This agreement was signed to develop a Carbon Free Campus with clean energy generation using solar PV cells.  
Under this MOU the SSIM campus will become the first ZEN education campus (Zero Energy Net) in the State of Telangana. This initiative assumes importance in the power starving environment of the State and the need for green energy to combat global warming informed Sailesh Sampathy.


Source: By E-mail (January 21, 2015)

Published on on January 22, 2015


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