Good Manager can Become Good Leader: REALITY OR MEATH


Praneeta Krishna
Alard Institute of Management Sciences

Attitude is the bottom line of Success and success doesn't mean absence of failure but attainment of ultimate objective. It means winning the war, not every Battle

Managers can be great leaders. They can play the role of both manager as well as leader. It depends upon their perception and desire. Most people fail not because of lack of ability or intelligence but because of lack of desire, direction, dedication and discipline. Human Resources is the most valuable asset of any Business. It is more valuable than capital as equipment. Unfortunately, it is also the most wasted. People can be biggest asset or biggest liability.

It is an obvious thing in an association to think the top management-The CEO's , COO's, V.P as leaders . Who are expected to motivate, inspire and transform thus subordinates and peers. But now leadership is not only  confined to people having authoriatative title. As a matter of fact, many executives of  organization lack the characteristics of a good leader because these spills were never cultivates early on.

Association Managers have some unique qualities of Business professionals. They fulfill ample amount of responsibilities right from Budgeting, they provide effective communications across departments and hierarchical levels, they are the ultimate multi-taskers ,  information gathers and negotiators. As a result they have all the skills and qualities that a leader should have. But they are not called LEADERS.


Leadership is a complex dynamic that involves three components- The Leader, The Follower and The Situation. You can't compel anyone to accept you as a Leader. It is done by one's Will and leader should have certain incredible qualities. He should be Meticulous . There is no actual definition of the term Leadership resulting in a perspective from which to view it.

Managers and Leaders share a particular relationship. While managers are associated with words like efficiency, planning, paper work, regulations, control and consistency. Leaders are more associated with words like :: Risk tasking , Creativity , Change and vision.

Leaders are thought to do the RIGHT THING, whereas Managers are thought to do THINGS RIGHT. There are some distinctions between managers and leaders-

* Managers administers; Leaders innovates Managers maintain;
* Managers maintain; Leaders Develop
* Managers Control; Leaders Inspire
* Managers focus on short term; Leaders always keep long term in mind
* Managers ask how and when, Leaders ask what and why
* Managers directs, Leaders motivates

Success is the manifestation of Good Luck that results from inspiration, aspiration, desperation and perspiration, generally in that sequence.


Praneeta Krishna
Alard Institute of Management Sciences

Source : E-mail February 1, 2006




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