Marketing Grace: "Targeting Mind Space"


Narendra N. Sinha
Centre for Management Studies
Dharmsinh Desai University

….  Yes!!!   …. Yes!!!   You have guessed it correct….

Targeting Mind Space basically deals with carving out a space for a product either tangible or intangible in the minds of the target market.

So, it shows that we all are very much understanding of the phenomenon's and the fundamentals of marketing. But now the question arises that: " How to gain access to the mind space of your target market???"

…. Certainly it is not a free plot of land, which is available for anyone to develop their own Real Estate and reap benefits from it.

Thus for its clear understanding we will have to dig deep into the human emotions of belongingness. This can easily be explained through the examples happening around us in day-to-day life as well as general business practices being followed nowadays.

**  In a recent development in the International Aluminium Market, The Canadian firm "Alcan" Industries has tried to make a hostile bid for an Indian Aluminium major, the AV Birla groups flagship company, "Hindalco Ltd." just to thwart the possibility of another major US aluminium company, "Alcoa", who was eyeing to bid for "Alcan" and to become the largest aluminium producer in the world. This explains that in this world of information's, it is the most important aspect for any manager to understand the mind space; i.e. to read the thought process of your prospective customers as well as your existing and prospective competitors.

Again in this case "Alcan Industries" has tried to patch up with Mr. Anil Agrawal, C.E.O. of "Sterlite Industries" who is nurturing the ambitious dream of becoming the largest producer of Aluminium in India. This is again a thought provoking part of the mind space targeting where a manager must have knowledge of the right partner for targeting.

Again if we look at the political parties and the marketing techniques adopted by their leaders, it can easily be understood that these techniques are fully based on exploring the minds of their potential voters and thus carving out a space for them.

These patterns are worth explaining as they are conveying the importance of targeting the mind space for a marketer to become a leader.

This fact becomes clearer by observing the working methodology of some of the top most directors of Indian Film Industry who are trying to put all the ingredients together for having a sugary and spicy movie catering to the needs of both the Indian as well as Overseas markets. This makes them to have a "sugar free romance" with their audiences whenever they are coming up with a new venture

…errrrr…..  'Am not advertising anyone okay….!!!!

Similar is the case with the movies being made in our very own "Bhojwood", the Bhojpuri film Industry, who are trying to target the minds of all the migrant workers of Eastern Indian states, which is the basic reason for the stupendous success of Bhojpuri movies.

Since we all know that every coin has two faces, so we should not forget to see the flip side of this too.

It should be remembered that targeting the mind space could become marketing grace only when we are doing it with the view of well being of the society otherwise militants are also using the same tactics for getting their work done.

Also, some political parties are formed on these lines only to target the minds of their so-called "Son's of the Soil" and to harass others thereby playing the politics of hatred and personal vendetta.

This narrow view of such a versatile issue of Targeting Mind Space can reduce the economy as well as the goodwill of the particular state or organization in shambles as can be observed in the present scenario with the plight of the economic condition of Jammu and Kashmir.

Thus what is required is to have a holistic view by the marketers as well as the managers for using the theory and technique of "Targeting the Mind Space" because only then it will prove to be a "Marketing Grace".

** Reference:

News appeared in "Times of India", Business Times section dated June 5, 2007

Narendra N. Sinha
Centre for Management Studies
Dharmsinh Desai University

Source: E-mail November 27, 2007




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