The Two Years of MBA


Shiv Kumar
1st year MBA Student
Ansal Institute of Technology

Master of Business Administration (MBA) welcomes the students on entering this two year Master Degree Business Program after graduation or prior study. The Two Year Of MBA is great to experience to broaden the networks and relations, interacting with business leaders and players through Seminars and Industry interface, knowing the business world and happenings, learning new skills, improving overall personality and enjoying the movements.

Where as a graduate student, we built the theoretical approach of the subjects and made a base for a career in business, now in MBA it's the time to shape that approach and to path those specified goals, which you planned in graduation or in prior course. As a professional course MBA is to 'organize or project yourself' for better shouldering the tasks and to overcome problems by managing the situations efficiently.

As an MBA student, firstly there's need to clearly define the expectations from the path, which you have chosen by getting admitted in MBA, that what do you expect during and after these two years of MBA. Here, whatever you expect after passing MBA, the outcomes depend on The utilization of the meanwhile period of MBA. What would be the future shape after passing MBA, will depend on the ongoing years of MBA. After MBA, Do you expect for:-

- A good job in a Branded organization
- A handsome salary package of Rs.4-6 lakh per annum.
- A good work profile
- Chances for promotions
- Opportunities for developing abilities etc.

It's good to think all these things to be happen after MBA, but it will all depend on the best utilization of The Two Years of MBA. For deserving these things to be happen; one has to walk the path of striving hard and will have to be entirely focused on objectives i.e. goal oriented. It's just all about the efforts, that how much efforts we are making and putting in the right direction And how much we are aware for our career goals and opportunities. Here, the aspirant must clarify his/her career goals and should be organized first.

Am I well organized? - The answer of this question should be answered well, where we must identify:-

- Proper scheduling the tasks or day
- Defined approach of attempting task
- basic management skill in daily life
- managing and utilizing the twenty four hour of everyday
- thought clarity and views expressing skills
- Scheduling the timing or time table i.e. time management.

After identifying the above factors and answering the question or making it answer by organizing oneself; one should focus towards his/her career(MBA) goals. Now Goal Orientation starts to play it's role in best utilizing the years of MBA. One who is Goal Oriented; will be able to get a better place and position. For the goal orientation one should clarify:-

- where he/she wants to go 
- enough experiments or identifications, while choosing the specialization
- making search on present and future opportunities in market in desired specialization
- self awareness in respect of strengths and weaknesses and then maximizing the strengths and minimizing the weakness.
- Taking all the steps towards goal and pay close attention to hard work in attempting the goals.

Balancing time is extremely essential to cop up with stress management. Diet, exercise, sleep etc. are vitally significant as per proper schedule to maintain good health.

Focus On Gaining Industry Experience As well

MBA is not just limited up to books or lectures, it's more than that. And  it's the diverse segment of :-

- Gaining experience of the corporate by keeping sharp eyes on the ongoing trends of industry,
- Building and enlarging the networks and relations
- sharing experience with seniors and alumni
- participating in the activities in college
- Discussing the case studies after firmly analyzing that.
- Learning from peers, alumnus and seniors.
- Spend time for understanding business processes and operations.
- Developing creativity.

Here, one thing that is crucially essential in the Program is 'The Summer Internship training', which you will entitled after two semesters. It's the stage, where you interact with the real face of industry and gain the real experience at field. The internship must be engrossed with the higher pitch of zest. One should keep in mind during internship that, that is the real platform, where you have to perform; actually. And then enjoy the training; will help you gaining more.

There are some treats which need as considering factors initiatively regarding to improve personality, building network,
projecting yourself, know about specific job and opportunities, learning organizational culture and industry trends. These are the things, which are needed to be done on the basis of initiative with the help of faculties. A time to time guideline is also needed to conduct yourself well and to better fit in the business line. A constructive feedback about personal and professional skill will help you to eliminate and overcome the weakening areas.

Now it's come to third semester, where choosing specialization is the decisive decision for the right career path. And it should be taken after firmly searching opportunities in the specialized field on internet, discussing and taking required guideline from faculties, alumnus, peers, and seniors.

Here, students need to understand the specialized field and specified industry where we want to work. They must understand the job, which they want to work with.

Knowledge of individual company and their competitor also clarifies the specified industry to go in. Case studies play an important role in shaping well the managerial skills of handling business situations and taking decisions. So do that firmly.

For the fourth semester, it's time to incline toward getting a job in specified/specialized field, more than books.

Now start to sharpen yourself and get ready for the questions, which are normally asked in interviews; like :-

- Tell something about yourself
- what did you learn in MBA   or
- what have you done to improve your knowledge in last years
- do you consider yourself successful
- what do you about this organization
- why do you want to work with this organization
- how long would you expect to work for us if hired
- what is your philosophy towards work
- have you ever being asked to leave a position
- explain how you would be an asset to this organization
- why should we hire you
- what are your strengths and weakness
- tell about your dream job
- what are you looking for in a job or
- what is more important to you- money or work
- are you able to work in stress like situation and how
- how do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience
- describe your work ethic
- Do you have any question etc?

For answering the above question take the help of placement cell in college, take the help of faculties, alumnus or peers and internet; will help you out in performing well in interviews.

Now you got selective in a fine organization with good working profile and good salary package. Now enjoy the job and keeping grow more and more.

Shiv Kumar
1st year MBA Student
Ansal Institute of Technology

Source: E-mail February 2, 2010




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