Study of Sabarkantha District Co-operative Milk Producers
Union Limited, Himatnagar, Gujarat

Parul P Bhati
MBA III (Year 2004-05)
Shree Leuva Patel Trust MBA Mahila College
Amreli–365 601 GJ

The Sabarkantha Districtive Milk Producers Union Limited, Himatnagar " is a milk processing unit in the Sabarkantha district. It is also known as SABAR Dairy. The main objective of sabar dairy is to collect milk from sabarkantha district and manufacture different types of milk products and to customers at a lowest price. Sabar dairy produces the different milk base products but those all products marketed by GCMMF (Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited, Anand), In short all major activities regarding marketing are done on the priority of the GCMMF.

Sabar dairy have main four department are as under:

1. Production department
2. Human resource department
3. Marketing department
4. Finance department

These all four departments their activity effliciently. The human resource department has their has their main activity like to give to training to a new person for vacancies and select a right person for right job, give promotion to the employee. The Production department has their main activity to collect milk and check it among different according to guaranty distributes it among different sections and manufactured product.

The finance department has a main duty to utilize scare resources effectively and to manage the financial resources. The marketing department does its activity under GCMMF.

History & Development

In 1990, the 'UNISEF' Team visited the Sabarkantha district & they tries to improve milk industry Sabazrkantha for this objective they select Himatnagar for establishing milk processing unit. This is their recommendation to start the dairy on Co-operative bases to improve milk industry in Sabarkantha district.

" The Sabarkantha District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Ltd, Himatnagar" was also known as Sabar dairy in Gujarat. Sabar dairy was established before forty years, that means 27th November 1964.

Sabar dairy was registered with the name of "The Sabarkantha District Co-operative Milk Producer's Union Ltd., Himatnagar" and also gets the certificate of ISO-9002.

In Gujarat Sabar dairy is one of the leading milk producing unit.  

The company has achieved the following national level awards and State level Awards during different years:

The national productivity Award for years 1987-88(2nd rank), 1989-90(1st), and 1990-91 (1st) and for years1997-98, 1999-2000 (certificate of merit).

2. The Vikas Ratna award for year 1995(1st)

3. The National safety council awards for years 1992 and 2001 (1st rank)

The Gujarat safety council Awards for years 1996(1st ) and 2000(certificate of merit)


After doing the project on sabar dairy conclude that there is very simple distribution channel. The main competitor has advantage of Personal selling .The marketing of all products manufactured by sabar dairy are marketed by GCMMF ltd. All the products manufactured sold under the brand name of "AMUL" .the advertising, distribution of the products and development of the marketing policies are performed by GCMMF ltd. The main competitors of amul are Nestle, Glexco, Royal, Cadbury & other private dairy. Local Milkmen are main competitors of the sabar dairy. This is a good exa, mple of co-operative organization.


The annual report of the company (2004-2005)

Financial management,
Pandey I M,
8th edition,
Vikas publishes house pvt ltd.

Parul P Bhati
MBA II Semester (Year 2004-05)
Shree Leuva Patel Trust MBA Mahila College
Amreli–365 601 GJ

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