Real MBA's.


Deepak George
MBA, MPhil, PhD (doing)
Training Manager
(One of Leading Retail Giant)

This article likes to bring the attention of MBA Aspirants in a way that depicts what kind of   quality is required for MBA?

We are in the year of 2012, today we can see most of the Aspiring students of MBA's are they really competent or are they suitable for these courses?

MBA is offered through self financing colleges Affiliated or not affiliated to university, University /Deemed university campus, Distance education wing of university, OC wing of University and also through IIM (post graduate diplomas).

A candidate who is seeking admission towards MBA is confused on where he can do the program.  It depends on his or her suitability and competency that he will go for which Mode.

How many students after completing the MBA course are getting an average salary job?
(10- 15,000 per month)

Out of 120 we can say 30- 40 %

You may think why?

  • Because of more numbers of students  for MBA Or
  • Students not really Competent to meet the expectations of Industry.

I will tick mark the second

Role of parents and faculty is a great factor that is finishing the Career of a student.

Today majority of parents they are salaried people double income holders they are caring their son or daughter in a manner in which they cannot afford a small tension or Pressure.

If we are thinking about Faculty they are oriented towards finishing the Syllabus may be because of Management pressure to complete the syllabus and bring good results in the form of Rank.

We are accepting majority of business schools are conducting case studies, article study, presentations, case writing, and business quiz but for Name sake.

Real talent of a Faculty or Management is to mould a candidate in to a level where Industry is pleased to select one candidate.

Only leading self financing colleges and IIMS can get good caliber of students.

That's the truth so the rest of students are they not eligible for getting a good career?

We are conducting entrance exams; we are checking mark lists, conducting group discussions still we are not getting good students.

Today's world I believe everyone is good in learning, clearing exams

But it is not enough to get a good place in industry.

Industry need talents who is experts in Presentations ,Communication, Team player ,good attitude and behavior,  patience,  listening, Interpersonal skills, Innovative, sales & negotiation skills.

Industry is looking for these kinds of quality from a candidate more than from books or theory.

Real MBA's are never in born they are made from their Experience.

Deepak George
MBA, MPhil, PhD (doing)
Training Manager
(One of Leading Retail Giant)

Source: E-mail January 3, 2012



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