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If one looks around at the major business houses, industrialists, entrepreneurs and institution-builders in India, it would be observed that the roots of many of them could be traced to Rajasthan. In fact Rajasthan can claim to have the origins and development of true spirit of enterprise, which is in essence the manifestation of entrepreneurial management aptitude, attitude, knowledge and skills. The setting up of Aravali Institute of Management (AIM) at Jodhpur in the year 2000 was a sincere and committed endeavour to provide to the State of Rajasthan a truly world-class management institute.

TEL.: 0291-2701800, FAX: 0291-2707700
MOBILE: 0-94133-19914, 0-94133-19915

Varun Arya
M.S. Physics (IIT Delhi)
M.B.A. (IIM Ahmedabad)









Manish Agarwal
2001-03 Batch

Kalyanshree Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Madanganj-Kishangarh

"At Aravali, I have rebuilt myself in terms of attitude, integrity, skills and ethics. Everything that we experienced and enjoyed at Aravali is of tremendous help to me in redirecting towards a successful future."

Preyasha Bhardwaj
2003-05 Batch

Indiabulls Securities Ltd., Jaipur

"Education at Aravali gave me a superb set of skills. These included analytical techniques, intellectual insights — the things you would expect from a professional school. At the same time, it taught me that a good question can be more important than a good answer. Sometimes, being able to ask the right question makes you a more valuable contributor than being the person who comes up with the right answer."

Arjun Bhootra
2009-11 Batch

Franchise Owner,
Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt. Ltd., Jodhpur

"According to me Aravali has not only a great environment for learning, it's also a great environment for living. In Aravali campus we felt more like a neighbourhood than a network of buildings. There were many clubs and activities to get involved in Aravali which helped to sharpen and enhance students' intelligence and their involvement in the corporate world. These not only made us men but made us gentlemen."

Jayant Gehlot
2003-05 Batch

Manager - Marketing & Sales, Thai Carbon Black Public Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

"What corporate world demands is exactly in the syllabus and culture of Aravali. The programme covers all the requirements; be it in terms of discipline, ethical behaviour, hardworking culture, world-class practices or the latest management concepts along with the vast industry exposure."

Deepti Gupta (Ms.)
2004-06 Batch

Manager (Retail Recovery),
IDBI Bank Ltd., Jaipur

"Aravali provided a very good platform to learn. Excellent education was provided along with self-development in this Institute.

Ashish Joshi
2009-11 Batch

Probationary Officer, Corporation Bank, Ahmedabad

"The training at Aravali of facing the challenges enabled me to deliver the results in organisation and make a good image in tough and challenging environment."

Mohammed Yasir Khilji
2009-11 Batch

Senior Audit Executive,
OTE Group, Muscat, Oman

"Something very unique and special about Aravali was the size of the class – it was smaller than other leading business schools. But we still had students and faculty from different states which was great, as we got very different perspectives and opinions about topics we were covering in class. Because of the smaller sized class, it gave us adequate time to know everyone very well. We could build strong links, which would help us in the future."

Anurag Parihar
2009-11 Batch

Sr. Executive (Business Operations),
Avantor Performance Materials India Ltd., Faridabad

"Programme at Aravali covers all the topics which today's corporate world requires and the budding manager should know before entering the corporate world. In two years of my studies at Aravali, I learnt to do our duties and assignments with honesty, as truly said Work is Worship."

Nitin Patwa
2008-10 Batch

Project Head, Suntrust Aluminums Pvt. Ltd., Gummidipoondi, Tamil Nadu

"Aravali can be defined in just a single line "Learning at every step". Each and every day used to teach us something new. Whether it was a club activity or subject classes, every minute spent there was memorable. The principles of Institute helped me a lot in my professional career. I am proud to be an Aravalian."

Sachin Purohit
2001-03 Batch

Country Manager,
Sai Ivory, South Africa

"Aravali is one of the best learning platforms for an individual to enter into the corporate world. Faculty members there are having good exposure to the corporate world which makes the student learn the practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Candidates passing out from Aravali can compete with any kind of toughness in the market and are assets for the organizations."

2000-02 Batch

Managing Director,
RMC Group of Companies, Jodhpur

"It had been a tremendous privilege to pursue my PGP through Aravali, which provided a strong base to enable me to move confidently into the next phase of my life. Aravali gave me the academic freedom and rigour to internalise the concepts."

Mahesh Rankawat
2006-08 Batch

Divisional Manager,
Eureka Forbes Ltd., Jodhpur

"God given us life and culture on the Earth but how to live a life with success, honesty, ethically was taught to us by Aravali. It's over emphasis on practical knowledge was unique. In this corporate era, this type of programme provides so much of insights to a student to enable him take perfect decisions in various circumstances."

Ram Kishor Sankhla
2007-09 Batch

Deputy Manager,
HDFC Bank Ltd., Jodhpur

"At Araval, I have learnt positive attitude, integrity, skill development and ethics for making a successful career. Aravali is only place for real
exposure to the corporate world and corporate culture. I am proud to be called an Aravali alumnus."

Anucrum Saxena
2002-04 Batch

DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd., Kota

"Education from Aravali is a unique and remarkable gift. Even as it opens you to new thoughts, ideas, and experiences; it also brings with it an obligation to serve your fellow citizens. The biggest benefit that I have experienced has been a broader business knowledge which has translated me into being a more rounded and effective business manager."

Gunjan Sharma
2001-03 Batch

Sr. Specialist-India (Staffing & Professional Development),
Bain & Company Inc., Gurgaon

"The two year programme at Aravali was structured with integrated exposure to multiple perspectives in organisation and management. Take away for me from the programme included – I understand the role each element plays in the performance of an organisation and I have become a learner for lifetime."

Nitin Sharma
(2000-02 Batch)

Entrepreneur, Jaipur

"During my two years in Aravali, I experienced high-class business studies, exposure to corporate world and moreover, an open environment to express myself."

Sumit Somani
2002-04 Batch

General Manager (Sales & Marketing),
Upasna Group, Jaipur

"Aravali is a place which I can say as the best for nurturing excellence in young budding managers. It is an institution where you interact with top corporates to learn from their experiences. Aravali offered me the wonderful opportunity of learning while implementing. Each and every moment one had lots to learn, be it from the faculty or the peers. The principles and values helped me to attain my lifelong dream. In fact the institute's 'way of living' taught me the nuances of day-to-day life and ingrained a code of conduct which, today, I am proud of."

Atul Vashishtha
2010-12 Batch

Operations & Maintenance Engineer,
Universal Chemicals & Industries P. Ltd., Bharuch

"Aravali is one of the best Institutes which grooms your personality in such a way that you can handle any type of pressure in the corporate world and deliver the best results. And the best part is that the various programmes and activities which are organized by the Institute from time to time had helped to make our ideas innovative, creative and diversified."

Dharm Veer
2006-08 Batch

Sales & Marketing Manager, Dabur International,
Nigeria, West Africa

"Aravali Jodhpur provides world-class management education. Interaction with experienced faculty from a varied background and thought provoking guest lecturers supported by an extremely resourceful library have helped me develop a new insight into every facet of business handling."

Dheeraj P. Yadav
2009-11 Batch

Management Consultant,
Holtec Consulting, Gurgaon

"Aravali has played the most significant and transformational role in our lives. The military discipline went deep into us. It started from the day one and it continues to shape who we are today. The strength of our programme has placed Aravali at the forefront of business education.


Varun Arya, Director
Aravali Institute of Management
TEL.: 0291-2701800, FAX: 0291-2707700, MOBILE: 0-94133-19914, 0-94133-19915



Based on the inputs from various experts in the industry, IIMs, IITs and other organisations from India
and abroad, the following curricula is followed in the General Management programme at
Aravali Institute of Management :

Term - I
* Business Environment
* Communication Laboratory - I
* Computer Applications in Management - I
* Leadership & Team Building
* Managerial Accounting & Control - I
* Managerial Economics - I
* Marketing Management - I
* Research Methodology

Term - III
* Communication Laboratory - III
* Computer Applications in Management - III
* Human Resources Management
* Managerial Finance
* Legal Aspects for Managers - II
* Marketing Management - III
* Production & Operations Management
* Quantitative Methods - II

Term - II
* Communication Laboratory - II
* Computer Applications in Management – II
* Legal Aspects for Managers - I
* Managerial Accounting & Control - II
* Managerial Economics - II
* Marketing Management - II
* Organizational Behaviour
* Quantitative Methods - I

Major Project
During the programme, our each student does a major
project on one of the local industries to understand the small entrepreneurship problems and prospects.

Two full months of intensive project work with leading
organizations, arranged/approved by the Institute.

In the Specialisation Programmes at Aravali Institute of Career Education, Aravali Entrepreneurship Incubation Park and Aravali-Spandan Academy for Ethics, Values & CSR, depending upon the area of specialization, various courses and other learning tools are offered in the manner similar to the above.

Instructional Facilities:
Our campus is well equipped with various infrastructure and facilities like the classrooms, faculty rooms, placement centre, library, computer centres, reception, offices, canteen, sports grounds, natural amphitheatre, guest rooms, etc.

The library plays a pivotal role in an educational institution. With a view to build a top quality library and not to fill up the library with junk books, we had got a unique exercise carried out right in the beginning. On our request, the head of IIM Ahmedabad library analysed their books issuance records of five years and provided us a list of the most frequently issued books. Accordingly the first set of books was procured for Aravali library

While each student is provided a set of textbooks and teaching material by Aravali, the library provides a place for extension reading. Presently the Aravali library has around 10,000 books and 1000 CDs & video cassettes on management, entrepreneurship and allied topics. We add around 1000 more titles every year to the library.

The Institute also subscribes to or receives over 400 periodicals and publications including journals and magazines in Management, Entrepreneurship and allied areas from all over India and abroad.

Computer Centre:
With a view to ensure that Aravali students are able to use effectively the latest available information technology tools, we presently have over 125 computer systems from IBM/Lenovo and six HP laser printers, connected in Local Area Network (LAN). We also have 2 MBPS leased line facility through Airtel.

Educational Aids:
In our classrooms, computer centres, placement centre and library we have the latest teaching aids and equipments like computers, LCD projectors, overhead projectors, slide projector, white screens and magnetic whiteboards.

Placement Aids:
To appropriately facilitate the placements of our students, we have the Placement Centre which consists of a large room with all the facilities where the organizations can deliver pre-placement talks. There are two connected rooms where the organizations can conduct group discussions, personal interviews and other aspects of the selection process of the students.

Sports Grounds
Our campus has three large grounds of 2.5 acres each, on which the students can have various extra-curricular activities including sports.


Following are the fees in our 11 months Full-time Post Graduate Programmes during 2015-16 with the dual objectives of keeping the studies cost reasonable and providing top quality management education:

Admission Fee: Rs. 10,000 plus Service Tax payable at the time of acceptance of the offer of admission by the student.
Academic Fee: Rs. 1.50 lakhs plus service tax for the entire programme, divided into three installments of Rs. 50,000 plus Service Tax per Term payable latest by the beginning of each Term. This is inclusive of library usage, computer centre usage, internet usage and books & teaching material provided to each student.

The above fees do not include boarding & lodging, canteen/cafeteria charges, conveyance & travel, educational tours, courses outside, clothing, laundry and other personal items.

We would be pleased to give 5% rebate to those students who make the payment of fees of Rs. 1.50 lakhs plus Service Tax for the entire programme in one lot.

All the fees and charges are to be paid only by demand draft payable at Jodhpur or payable at par cheque in favour of the relevant institution:

* Aravali Institute of Management
* Aravali Institute of Career Education
* Aravali Entrepreneurship Incubation Park
* Aravali-Spandan Academy for Ethics, Values & CSR

If the fees are not paid latest by the stipulated last date then the prescribed late fee will be charged for a month, after which the name of the concerned student will be struck off the Institute rolls, as the case
may be.

We sincerely believe that doing things in time is one of the most important aspects of professional management. We have no other reason to charge the late fees except just to instill the importance of time in the students. As our alumni and existing students know, we put all these late fees in Students' Welfare Fund, which is used for the various activities of the students like sports, cultural, picnic, classes outside, etc.

The fees once paid are non-refundable.

The Management reserves the right to charge any other fees from the students or to change the rate of any fee components as may be necessary.

Our Institutes recognize the importance of faculty as the primary resource. Accordingly, conducive environment is provided to attract and retain the best talent in management and entrepreneurship teaching with adequate relevant experience. Continuous development of faculty is strength of our Institutes. The core and regular faculty at Aravali meets at least one of the following criteria :

* Experience at senior management positions with leading organizations
* Management & Entrepreneurship consultancy experience
* Research work in the relevant area(s) of Management & Entrepreneurship

In addition to the core and regular faculty, a number of highly qualified and experienced persons and specific subject experts periodically visit the Institutes from all over India and abroad, including corporate CEOs, IITs & IIMs professors and senior alumni, as guest/visiting faculty to teach specific modules of the selected courses, deliver guest lectures and interact with our students for the benefit of the experiential learning.

The core and regular faculty members are also engaged in developmental, research and consultancy work; thereby bringing pool of solving latest management & entrepreneurship problems and implementation experience to their teaching.

Following are the members of our core and regular faculty :


Qualification / Information

Varun Arya

M.S. Physics (IIT Delhi), PGDM (IIM Ahmedabad) with over 32 years of industrial, entrepreneurial and academic experience.

Pankaj Bajaj

B.Sc., M.B.A. with over 17 years of academic, entrepreneurial, consultancy and industrial experience.

Sunil Bedekar

B.Sc., LLM with 35 years of legal practice as an advocate with Bombay High Court, Delhi High Court and Supreme Court. In addition, academic and consultancy experience with leading institutions and organizations.

Trideep Raj Bhandari

B.B.A., L.L.B. (Hons.) from National Law University, Jodhpur with six years of corporate, legal and academic experience.

Subrata Bhowmick

Post-graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and further studies in Europe and Japan. With over 40 years experience, he is perhaps Indian's most lauded designer with over 60 prestigious national and international awards.

Sanjay Diddee

B.E. (Computers), MBA (Technology Management), PG Course in Management of Information Technology (IIT Delhi), Compaq Certified Technical Engineer with around 25 years experience in Information Technology industry and academics.

Ram Gopal

M.Sc., Ph.D. with 40 years of academic, administrative, research and consultancy experience.

Sony Goyal

PGDM (IIM Ahmedabad) with 9 years of corporate, entrepreneurial, societal and academic experience.

B.G. Gupta

BE (Mechanical), ME (Production Engg.), PG Diploma in Industrial Engg, Specialization in Management Information Systems from Germany with over 40 years corporate, consultancy, academic and training experience.

C.S. Gupta

B.Tech. (Mechanical) with 24 years of corporate, consultancy and entrepreneurial experience.

G.S. Gupta

B.A. (English), M.Com. (Accounting), FICWA, ACMA (UK), ACS, ACIS (UK), FBIM (UK), AMIIA (USA) with around 40 years industrial, consultancy and academic experience.

Jinendra Jain

B.Sc. (Physics), B.E. (Mechanical), PGDBM (XLRI Jamshedpur) with 13 years of corporate and teaching experience.

Raj Kumar Jani

A social entrepreneur and a freelance development practitioner, whose passion is teaching and nurturing startups, especially social enterprises.

Vikas Kalani

B.Com., M.B.A. with 15 years of corporate, consultancy, academic and entrepreneurial experience.

Poornima Karvat (Mrs.)

B.A., LLB, Master in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management with over 40 years of corporate, consultancy, research and academic experience.

K.B. Kothari

M.Sc. (University of Kentucky, USA), Advanced Research Studies in Sociology of Development and Administration from London School of Economics, London, England. Formerly professor at IIM Ahmedabad. Education and Development Management professional with around 50 years academic, consultancy and research experience.

Neeti Manihar (Ms.)

B.Com., M.B.A. with 12 years of corporate, entrepreneurial, teaching and training experience.

Rajiv Mathur

Post Graduate in Management & Finance and Certified Security Consultant with additional qualifications in Information Technology & Management Information System, with around 24 years of work experience in Management, Operations, Administration, Security Solutions and Loss Prevention.

M.M. Mehta

B.A. L.L.B., CAIIB with over 40 years of banking and academic experience, with the last corporate assignment being Chief General Manager with State Bank of India.

Yogesh Modi

M.Com., MBA, FCA, Ph.D., FCMA, CFA-Canada, CMA-Australia, CMA-USA with 27 years of consultancy, corporate and academic experience.

Yogesh Moondra

B.Com. (Hons.), MBA, CA, CFA, ACMA with over 17 years of managerial, entrepreneurial and academic experience.

Anand Pendharkar

M.Sc. (Wild Life) from Wild Life Institute of India, with 22 years of industrial, entrepreneurial, societal and academic experience.

Sharu Rangnekar

B.Tech. (Chem. Engg.), M.B.A. (USA) with over 50 years of corporate, consultancy, research and academic experience.

Nilesh Sancheti

B.Com., PGDBA with around 13 years managerial, entrepreneurial, training and academic experience.

S.B. Tyagi (Capt.)

B.Sc., LLB and Masters' degrees in Philosophy, Sociology, Defense Studies, Business Administration & Political Science. Also holds post-graduate diplomas in Business Administration, Personnel Management & Industrial Relations and Safety & Security Management. Over 32 years of defence, corporate, consultancy and academic experience.

We will be glad to facilitate the placements of only those students who successfully complete at least two of our post-graduate programmes, one of which has to be necessarily in General Management offered by
Aravali Institute of Management.
The placements of students are facilitated by networking with and bringing the leading Indian and multinational organisations for campus recruitment. Our 11 passed out batches of students have witnessed the
Final Placement offers by

20 : 20 Media

ABN Amro Bank

Adani Group of Companies

Adcom Systems

Aditya Cement

Agilent Technologies

Ambuja Realty

American BPO Company

American Device India

ANG Resources Ltd.

APW President


Aurangabad Electricals

Bajaj-Allianz Insurance



Bell Ceramics

Bhilwara Group

Birla Sunlife Insurance

Cadila Pharmaceutical

Care India

Centre for Excellence in Organisations

Centurion Bank

Ceon Solutions

Chambal Fertilisers

Chemicals & Minerals Industries


Clarke Group of Hotels


Concrete Repairs (India)

Concord Biotech Ltd.

Consumer Unity & Trust Society

Craftsbridge India Ltd.

Crestanks Limited

Crop Health Products

Cyber Media

Dainik Bhaskar

Deepalaya (an NGO)

Desai Brothers Limited

Educomp Datamatics

Eli Lilly India

Emerio Corporation


Eureka Forbes



Fateh Granites

Finance India


Ford Motor India

GE Capital

Gestetner (India)

Give Foundation

Grasim Industries

Guljag Industries


Hexacom India

Holtec Consulting



ICICI Prudential Life


India Today Group

Indiabulls Securities

Indian Direct Equity Advisors

Indian Express

Indian Roadways Corpn

Indigo Marketing Ltd.


International Center for Women & Child

Intrim Business Associated

IRC Ltd.

Jaywant Impex

Jindal Steel

Johari Digital

Kanoria Petrochemical

Kantilal Securities

Kirloskar Brothers


Kotak Mahindra

LibSys Technologies

Lipi Data Systems

Machino Media

Macro Graphics

Magma Leasing

Marudhar Hotels

Max New York Life Insurance

Mayur Uniquoters

Mehrangarh Museum Trust


MetLife Insurance

Motilal Oswal

National Innovation Foundation

Neda Telecom

Next Generation Power

Nirlep Cookware

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

OCL India


Pragati Software

Propmart Technologies

Rajasthan Patrika

Rajasthan Spinning

Rajasthan Udyog Group


Rathi Global Finance

Sanghi Transports

Saurashtra Cement

SBI Life Insurance

Sharuskie Marketing Consultants

Shree Cement

Shore Products Ltd.

Shriram Fertilisers & Chemicals

Shyam Telelink

SRL Ranbaxy

Standard Chartered Bank

Sysman Computers

Taj Hotels


Tata AIG

Tata Indicom


Tex Zippers

Thomas Cook

Total Management Services

Transport Corporation of India Ltd.

Tyco International

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Universal Chemicals

UPS Electronics

Videocon International

Vidyatech Solutions

Vikram Cement

Vypin Software


Zee Interactive
and many others.



Maharaja Gaj Singh

II of Marwar-Jodhpur, Jodhpur
(Formerly Member of Parliament and Indian High Commissioner to West Indies).


Swami Agnivesh

Chairman, Bonded Labour Liberation Front, New Delhi.

Dr. Yoginder K. Alagh

Chancellor, Nagaland University
(Formerly Union Minister, Government of India, New Delhi).

Mr. Subodh Bhargava

Chairman, Tata Communications Limited, Mumbai
(Also formerly President, Confederation of Indian Industry, New Delhi).

Mr. P. Chidambaram

Former Union Finance Minister, Government of India, New Delhi.

Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar

Chairman, Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur.

Dr. (Mrs.) Alaknanda Patel

Eminent Economist, Baroda.

Prof. Samuel Paul

Founder Chairman, Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore
(Formerly Director, IIM Ahmedabad).

Mrs. Vasundhara Raje

Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

Mr. Viren J. Shah

Formerly Governor of West Bengal, Kolkata.

Mr. K. Natwar Singh

Member of Parliament, New Delhi
(Formerly External Affairs Minister, Government of India, New Delhi).

Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi

Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), New Delhi.

Dr. M.R. Srinivasan

Former Member, Planning Commission, Government of India &
Former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, Government of India.

Dr. Ram S. Tarneja

Chairman, Nissin ABC Logistics Ltd. & Jollyboard Limited, Mumbai.
(Former Managing Director, The Times of India Group).

Prof. V.S. Vyas

Formerly Director, IIM Ahmedabad.


Prof. Varun Arya

Director, Aravali Institute of Management
(Member, IIM Ahmedabad Society & Ex-President, IIT Delhi Alumni Association)

Mrs. Anita Arya

President, Marwar Education Foundation

The Board of Governors provides overall directions to the plans, programmes and policies.


TEL.: 0291-2701800, FAX: 0291-2707700
MOBILE: 0-94133-19914, 0-94133-19915

iMBA  02/06/2015


With a view to enable students to develop the leadership skills, team spirit and learn to manage the various activities, each student becomes part of a committee and works under the supervision of the Committee Head, who is a student and under the guidance of the Committee Advisor, who is a faculty member. It is compulsory for each student to participate in one committee.

Following committees of the students carry out the various activities at the Institutes:

* Academics Committee
* Alumni Committee
* Cultural Committee
* Discipline Committee
* Events Committee
* Examinations Committee
* Housekeeping & Maintenance Committee
* In-House Publications Committee
* Industrial Interaction Committee
* Internships Committee
* IT Maintenance Committee
* Library Committee
* Mess Committee
* Placements Committee
* Press Committee (Hindi & English)
* Safety, Health & Environment Committee
* Sports Committee

The Institute also has nine students' clubs based on the various areas of importance for the budding managers and entrepreneurs. These clubs organise quizzes, paper presentations, expert lectures and other activities of that particular stream. It is compulsory for a student to be a member of one club.

1. Astronomy Club
2. Communication & GK Club
3. Entrepreneurship Club
4. Finance Club
5. Hindi Club
6. Human Resource Club
7. Information Technology Club
8. Law Club
9. Marketing Club

It was with the above dream, mission, passion and vision that AIM was conceptualized and established under the aegis of Marwar Education Foundation, a registered non-profit charitable educational Society. AIM is a unique endeavour since it has been founded entirely by the academicians and management professionals (primarily the alumni and faculty of IIMs & IITs).

Looking at AIM's affiliation with Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by IIMs within its first year itself, it being accorded "A++" Rating (Financial Express survey 2009) & "A" Rating (Business India survey 2003) and Ranked 1st in Rajasthan (Business Today survey 2002) & 50th in India (Outlook survey 2005) amongst the Best B-Schools, we are convinced that AIM is on the right path to shape up to be truly a top-ranking management institute for meeting the local and national needs. It has all been possible courtesy the association, guidance and support of a large number of individuals and organisations from all over India and abroad.

To begin with, AIM had been functioning from the spacious leased premises at Jodhpur since August 2000.
On 31 March 2012, we shifted to and started operating from our own around 100 acres campus named
"Aravali Gurukul Ashram" in Aravali Nagar, Village Kaparda, Tehsil Bilara, Jodhpur district, Rajasthan.

At least three years bachelor's degree or equivalent with minimum 50% aggregate marks in any discipline from a university recognized by UGC or the state/central government. Final year students may also apply but the admission is subject to completing graduation by 30 June 2015.

Selection Procedure:
Selection of the students for admission will be done based on the collective assessment of the following :
* Academic track record
* Any of the national or state level tests meant for admission to post-graduate education in management or Aravali Search & Selection Entrance Test (ASSET) conducted by us.
* Group Discussion
* Personal Interview.

Programme Form:
Our Programme Form (alongwith the Information Brochure) can be obtained by sending demand draft payable at Jodhpur or payable at par cheque for Rs. 250 in favour of the relevant institution :
* Aravali Institute of Management
* Aravali Institute of Career Education
* Aravali Entrepreneurship Incubation Park
* Aravali-Spandan Academy for Ethics, Values & CSR
or collected in person from either of the following addresses :

Campus Address:
Aravali Gurukul Ashram, Aravali Nagar, National Highway-112, Village Kaparda, Tehsil Bilara,
Distt. Jodhpur-342605, Rajasthan, India

Correspondence Address:
Marwar Education Foundation, 825, Sector–11, Chopasani Housing Board, Jodhpur-342008, Rajasthan, India
Tel.: 0291-2701800, Fax: 0291-2707700
Mobile: 0-94133-19914, 0-94133-19915

The Programme Form can also be downloaded from our website <>
which please do visit for further details.

Important Dates:
Issuance of Programme Forms (without any late fee) : Upto 30 June 2015
Receipt of completed Programme Forms at above address : Upto 30 June 2015
Group Discussion and Personal Interview : From 01 June 2015 onwards
Start of regular academic session : 06 August 2015

For issuance and submission of Programme Forms (with late fee) after the above mentioned last date,
kindly enquire with the above addresses.


The following 11 months Full-time Post-Graduate Programmes in various functional and sectoral areas of professional education are being offered by us under the respective institutions of Marwar Education Foundation:

Aravali Institute of Management:

* General Management

Aravali Institute of Career Education:

01. Advertising & Sales Promotion
02. Agri-Business
03. Banking & Finance
04. Creativity & Innovation
05. Data & Business Analytics
06. Digital and Social Media Marketing
07. Direct Selling
08. Energy Audit & Efficiency Management
09. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
10. Healthcare Management
11. Hospitality & Tourism Management
12. Human Resource Management
13. Infrastructure & Logistics Management
14. Insurance & Risk Management
15. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Management
16. International Business & Export Management
17. IT & IT-Enabled Services Management
18. Media & Entertainment Management
19. Production & Operations Management
20. Project Management
21. Public Relations & Corporate Communications
22. Quality Management
23. Retailing Management
24. Sales & Marketing Management
25. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
26. Supply Chain Management
27. Telecom Management
28. Value Creation

Aravali Entrepreneurship Incubation Park:

* Entrepreneurship

Aravali-Spandan Academy for Ethics, Values & CSR:

01. CSR & Development Management
02. Environment Management
03. Ethics & Values in Management
04. Heritage Management
05. Natural Resources Management
06. Rural Management

The admissions to our above 11 months Full-time Post Graduate Programmes are through any of the state or national tests meant for admission to post-graduate education in management or Aravali Search & Selection Entrance Test (ASSET) conducted by us.

Those applicants, who are shortlisted based on the above, will have to appear in the Group Discussion and Personal Interview, which will be conducted by us.

Based on Aravali's merit, we were the first management institute in Rajasthan to have the affiliation to Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the prestigious IIMs. While conveying us CAT affiliation approval, Prof. Sudas Roy of IIM Calcutta and Chairman - CAT had written on 24th July 2001 :

"IIM Ahmedabad faculty already has a long-term interaction and familiarity with your Institute including your resources and facilities. Given the fact that your Institute is already doing well and is well established, use of CAT facility has been recommended. I welcome you as a new member and hope to have a fruitful association with your Institute".

In view of the admissions being through various state and national level tests, we have students from all over India for the above programmes.

Each of our above programmes will be conducted subject to there being minimum 10 students.

These programmes will be offered and conducted jointly with the leading organizations working in the respective areas & sectors, so that the students get added value for their competency development, the programmes get added credibility and the placements of the students are greatly facilitated.

The above are neither diploma nor degree programmes but 11 months full-time placement-oriented competency-development certificate programmes in the various functional and sectoral areas of professional education. In view of this, the said programmes are not within the purview of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).